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Bringing you all the most popular Florida travel destinations. As Florida residents we give you the spots in Florida that we go – away from the crowds or in the middle of the crowds. We have been there!

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Florida Travel Blog is a large blog in Florida with dozens of posts, information and destinations in Florida from each area of the state. Navigating the blog can be difficult without some suggestions to help you find all the possible information for your travel in Florida.

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Florida is a large state In fact, if you were in Orlando and decided you would like to visit Key West, that would be an 8-hour trip and almost 500 miles. That is the same as going from Tallahassee, Florida to Nashville, Tennessee!

Florida Travel Blog recommends that if you are driving during your travel in Florida, take a look at our Florida Travel Guide for tips and money saving ideas for traveling Florida.

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Our posts are listed by date. Explore the most recent which is without regard to location. If you want further information about a particular destination, just use the search feature at the bottom of the page. The links above are regional posts.

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