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5 Hidden Romantic Getaways in Florida – Plus 3 New Ones for 2024

Hidden Romantic Getaways in Florida for Couples

The operational words are “Hidden” and “Romantic”.

Our Hidden Romantic Getaways in Florida are focused on those two words. If you are looking for someplace to share with 10,000 other people, try Clearwater Beach, Disney World, or downtown Tampa.

These hidden getaways are off the beaten path. The romantic part is partially up to you. Florida Travel Blog will furnish the idea for the location, but some of the romantic parts we will leave to your planning.

Sunset Key – Off the Shores of Key West

Sunset Key, hidden romantic getaway in Florida
The island everyone at Mallory Square in Key West is admiring is Sunset Key.

Of course, you can take a boat shuttle over to Key West, but this little island has a group of cottages available for that special trip for the two of you. There is a small beach for sunsets, sunbathing and a dip in the Gulf of Mexico. Sunset Key Cottages are part of the Opal Collection. Known for their modern décor, but island fashionable, the rooms are spacious airy and remote.

Sunset Key - Hidden romantic getaway in Florida to an island cottage
A hidden romantic getaway in Florida may be an island cottage for two.

On the 27-acre island, there is a restaurant-bar called Latitudes. We have written about the restaurant in our Key West coverage on several occasions. This well-appointed restaurant has some of the best food in all the Florida Keys! Fresh seafood tops the menu, but steaks are a mainstay also.

Only Way To and From Island is Boat Shuttle

Part of the allure is you are two of just a few people allowed on the island. A romantic ride across the channel on the shuttle boat is fun after sunset.

For entertainment, Mallory Square, Sloppy Joe’s, and all the history that surrounds Key West are just a short boat ride away. There are also charters available that will come to the docks on Sunset Key to pick you up for private tours or fishing adventures to the Marquesa islands a few miles west.

You have all the pleasures and sightseeing in Key West if you want it, or spend your days and nights on the island. You will never forget the cool island breezes you shared.

It should also be noted that if you want to schedule private trips, many of the charters will come to the island to pick you up. That includes sailing trips, charter fishing, e-co-tours and more. This is our favorite hidden romantic getaway in Florida.

How to Book Sunset Key Cottages

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things you need when flying

Marco Island – South of Naples, Florida

Jw Marriott Marco - hidden romantic getaway in Florida in this luxury resort
This is the newest building at JW Marriott Marco Island. Includes adult pool and rooms and another hidden romantic getaway in Florida on an island.

This island is one of our favorites. Once the home of the Calusa Indians, it now is the home of some very upscale condominiums and resort hotels.

While there are several options on Marco Island, we recommend the Marco Island JW Marriot Resort. This resort can handle your every need for room accommodations. There are two buildings, one of which has several floors for adults only. The JW Marriot also has separate adult pool facilities for those romantic afternoons in the sun.

If you like wide long beaches, the Marco Island beach in front of the Marriott is perfect. The hotel offers cabanas, umbrellas and chairs. The warm waters of the Gulf will tickle your feet if you are in for a walk along the beach.

Dining on your Hidden Romantic Getaway in Florida is No Problem on Marco Island

For dining, there are several restaurants in the JW Marriot ranging from pizza to fine dining. We also like eating a sandwich or snack at the Kane Tiki Bar on the beach. In the west tower, Marriot has a floor for all types of video games, some small-ball bowling, and a few carnival-style skeeball games.

Within walking distance, are several restaurants. We recommend Marco Prime Steakhouse for dinner. For a late lunch, you may want to try the Snook Inn. They have entertainment that starts at 2 PM and the food is excellent.

If you want a little shopping excursion, you may take a 20-minute ride to Naples. Some of the most exquisite clothing and jewelry will be on 5th Avenue in Naples. Naples is known for its upscale shopping and fine dining experiences. The streets of Naples are safe and fun to stroll through the town.

All in all, Marco Island has to be high on your list of hidden romantic getaways in Florida. It is an island that adds to the seclusion. The combination of luxury and romanticism will make it hard to leave this romantic getaway for couples.

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Notes: Fort Myers Florida is the largest airport near Marco Island. It is possible to Fly into Miami and cross the Everglades for additional intrigue.

JW Marriott Hotel Marco Island Resort

Romantic Things To Do in Marco Island

Amelia Island, Florida – North of Jacksonville

This large island in northeast Florida is a mecca for honeymoons, anniversaries, proposals and getaways. The reason for all these celebrations is a simple combination of Atlantic oceanfront beaches, beautiful resorts, and plenty to do on the island. In fact, there are so many things to do on Amelia Island that you and your partner can spend a fun daily chore of determining what you want to choose each day.

Omni Amelia Island - hidden romantic getaway in Florida includes many adult amenities at Omni
The Omni is a big place with big features when looking for a hidden romantic getaway in Florida.

On the east side of the island, you will find Omni Amelia Island Resort. The hotel sprawls out along the ocean and includes a 3-mile-long beach. The rooms are large and luxuriously comfortable. Be sure to ask for a room that has both an ocean view and a pool view.

The Omni has numerous restaurants and bars. From a steak house to a morning café, the Omni will satisfy all of your culinary cravings. Try the Verandah for homemade pasta and fresh seafood. And for a romantic evening, try the impeccable room service. They will even prepare the room while you and your partner are out for the afternoon.

Peppers - Amelia Island hidden romantic getaway in Florida
Don’t forget to make a stop at Peppers for the biggest selection of tequila you ever saw. It is just down the street from the oldest bar in Florida.

Things to do on the property include 36 holes of championship golf, kayaking, paddle boarding, and tennis. A Segway tour of the area is available. There is also an adult-only pool you will enjoy while lounging in the sun.

Things To Do on Your Hidden Romantic Getaway in Florida at Amelia Island

Off the premises, there are even more optional things to do on the island a couple miles away. Start with visiting Fort Clinch at the north end of the island. Dating back to the Civil War, the Fort was protecting the entrance to the Saint Mary’s River. You can see how the soldiers of the era lived in their quarters and went through their daily routines.

You must visit Fernandina Beach, the little town a few miles from the Omni. The few square blocks of downtown include the oldest operating bar in Florida, The Palace Saloon. The fun will come from the shops along Centre Street. Knick knacks and souvenir T-shirt shops are typical, but a couple blocks east is some antique shops that are fun to browse. Stop at Peppers on the way for the largest collection of tequila anywhere.

Amelia Island and Omni Resort are hardly hidden, but it is romantic, accommodating, and far away from most of the world. The remoteness of the island and the amenities of the hotel will entice you to return many times. If you are judging our hidden romantic getaways in Florida by the number of fun things to do, this romantic trip for couples should be at the top of the list!

Wild Suggestion for your Amelia Island Trip – We have used Amelia Island as a base for a two-hour trip to Savannah, Georgia. The link will take you to things we did. It will also take you to the hotel we stayed at an other details. You could even spend one night in Georgia and return the next day.

Check Prices for the Omni Resort in Amelia Island

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Car Rental Amelia Island -you will need one to visit all the sights.

Cayo Costa State Park – Barrier Island North of Sanibel/Captiva, Florida

We have the word “hidden” covered here. Cayo Costa is a nine-mile-long island with a sparkling white sand beach. We can’t sugarcoat this – if you want togetherness and rustic, this is it. The only way on and off the island is by boat. Ferries run daily.

Cayo Costa Beach - hidden romantic getaway in Florida on an island
This is typical of the white sandy beaches along Cayo Costa Island. Remote, pure and rustic for a getaway.

Romantic is going to be interpretive. If you like a one-room cabin on a reasonably deserted island, this will be very romantic. You must carry any food or drink onto the island with you. Showers and potable water are nearby. If you can tolerate these romantic conditions, here are your rewards;

What is your Hidden Romantic Getaway in Florida on an Island?

  • This is a remote island with rustic white sandy beaches that go for miles with almost no one around.
  • Occasional wildlife may be seen in the wooded areas of the island that support walking trails.
  • Your days will be filled with sun-drenched shelling along the beachfront. Exploring the huge waterfront will be enchanting.
  • Kayaks and paddleboards (rentals available) will be your mode of transportation.
  • Fishing, swimming and bird watching are bonuses.

All of this with an optional ferry boat ride to another island, like Pine Island, Captiva, North Captiva or Sanibel for dining options or shopping. Of course, this is a State Park that will have many of the things you may need in the park concession.

If you really want to be alone, do some foraging together, be away from people, and hide away from most of the world, Cayo Costa Island State Park is the place to be. This trip is the ultimate in seclusion, hidden and totally romantic.

How To Get To Cayo Costa

Tours to Cayo Costa

Boca Grande – Gasparilla Island off Port Charlotte, Florida

Sometimes it takes just a few moments driving into a community to detect wealth and prosperity. That is the feeling you get while driving into the town of Boca Grande. Located on Gasparilla Island, Boca Grande has been a seasonal destination for many of the affluent northerners who make this island their home in the winter months.

Gasparilla Inn - hidden romantic getaway in Florida at Boca Grande
This old stately Inn makes a perfect hidden romantic getaway in Florida. The entire Boca Grade community is southern affluent.

The whole feel of the island is that of a hidden romantic getaway in Florida. In the middle of Boca Grande is the Gasparilla Inn and Club. This century-old hotel has been classically remodeled and expanded while maintaining its southern charm. Accommodations include both rooms and cottages.

This Gasparilla Inn room is a hidden romantic getaway in Florida on a remote island
Gasparilla Inn cottage room on a private beach in Boca Grande makes a perfect hidden romantic getaway in Florida.

Besides the normal amenities of a classic old hotel, you will find a golf course, spa, and croquet course! Additional off-premises activities include sailing, fishing charters, and world-class tarpon fishing in May and June. Gasparilla Inn also has its own private beach.

You can breeze around the small business district on a bicycle or golf cart, the preferred mode of transportation. You will also find an assortment of bars, restaurants, and ice cream parlors in this little 3-block square area. A stroll around the small town reminds you of an old-time town center where residents met for coffee and small talk.

Dining in the stately hotel restaurant will take you back to another time, but with exceptional cuisine. Just a couple blocks away is the famed Pink Elephant. This restaurant takes traditional food and elevates it to a new level. Try the onion soup for example – excellent!

The whole feel of the experience staying on Gasparilla Island at the Gasparilla Inn and Spa will be that of old money in a southern setting. The bad news, they are only open from October through July. The good part is that you don’t have to worry about the summer heat. This is one of our favorite hidden romantic getaways in Florida.

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New Hidden Romantic Getaways in Florida for 2024

Above are our 5 Hidden Romantic Getaways in Florida and below is a bonus getaway. The affordable option below is a great suggestion for a quick weekend or an alternative for people who love the outdoors.

World Equestrian Center – 5-Star Hotel

If you are looking for a hidden romantic Getaway that is a little different from the normal resort-style hideaway, check out the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida. Their classy 5-star hotel with the same name is discreetly appointed with western decor keeping with the equestrian theme.

hidden romantic getaways in Florida - world equestrian center
This romantic hidden getaway in Florida has a fun equestrian theme with a horse jumping competition every day.

Not only will their 5-Star hotel accommodate whatever privacy you may want, you can also get a room that overlooks the daily horse jumping competition. The arena is below your room where these magnificent animals go through their steps jumping various obstacles in their path.

The center also includes dozens of shops and daily workout tracks where you can watch the horses go through their daily routine.

The restaurants in the Equestrian Hotel hotel include a fine-dining steak and wine-based Stirrups. This is just one of seven places to eat on the property.

In the Ocala area there are numerous thing to do including Silver Springs State Park and glass bottom boats, tours of the horse farms and The Villages are just 30 minutes away.

The World Equestrian Center is about 2.5 hors north of Tampa, 2 hours from Jacksonville and 1.5 hours north of Orlando, Florida.

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romantic getaways in florida to cape san blas
True romantic place for a getaway in Florida is Cape San Blas.

Cape San Blas in the Panhandle of Florida

Based on a recent trip we took, Cape San Blas is our latest addition to the list of romantic getaways in Florida. Most people don’t know where Cape San Blas is.

Along the Gulf Coast in the panhandle is a small peninsula that protrudes off the shoreline west of Apalachicola. Out on that island-like peninsula is the town of Cape San Blas.

Some of the noted attributes of a romantic interlude are:

  • some of the best beaches in Florida.
  • Quaint VRBO’s on the beach.
  • Hiking trails nearby.
  • Small-town values with local dining options.
  • Calm Gulf waters and plenty of shells.

The biggest asset is there are relatively few people around. You can truly get away to a remote location. Enjoy this getaway in northwest Florida.

Links We Use for Planning This Trip

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The Lodge at Wakulla Springs – In the Florida Panhandle

In 1937 a Florida industrialist, Edward Ball, built a lodge next to one of the country’s biggest springs. Called Wakulla Springs, the springs have entertained visitors since the creation of Wakulla State Park.

Hidden romantic getaway in Florida at Wakulla Springs
If your time or budget is limited, Wakulla Springs lodge is a perfect option for a Florida romantic getaway for a couple.

In remote Wakulla County, Florida, The Lodge is near Sopchoppy, St. Marks, Panacea and a few other towns most of us have never heard of. That’s the point! It’s in the middle of a southern hardwood forest, well removed from any metropolitan area.

For the length of your stay, you will have 9 miles of hiking trails, the springs, varied wildlife and miles of a clear river that flows some 40 miles to the northern Gulf. Kayaks, canoes, and daily boat tours are offered at the park just outside your door.

Lodge at Wakulla Springs
The Lodge at Wakulla Springs – nothing fancy but a romantic getaway in Florida.

Inside the lodge, you find a quaint charm loaded with remnants of historical relevance. The location, in northern remote Florida, means employees from the area are friendly, outgoing and unassuming. They enjoy their guests and hospitality is 5-star quality. The rooms aren’t decorated as a thousand-dollar-a-night Hollywood hotel, but they are clean, comfortable and appropriate for a rustic lodge.

The food is country-style quality. You are in rural north Florida. People eat fresh shrimp, fish and steaks like normal. But be prepared for the best biscuits you ever ate, maybe some sweet potato grits, homemade desserts and there will probably be a pot of green beans as a side. You and your significant other will have a smile over the food and customs of a southern kitchen.

If long walks in the woods, serene winding waters, and the sounds of Mother Nature are hidden and romantic for you, this is the place to be. Even the drive to get to The Lodge will be charming in this part of Florida. Reservations can be difficult to get, so plan ahead. This is one of our affordable romantic getaways in Florida.

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Final Notes on Hidden Romantic Getaways in Florida

A romantic getaway in Florida can be enhanced in many ways to make it even more memorable. Here are some ideas to make your trip better:

  • Choose the Right Location: Florida offers a variety of romantic destinations, including the ones we have highlighted and the Florida Keys. Select a location that suits your preferences and interests as a couple.
  • Plan Ahead: Planning is key to a successful romantic getaway. Make a list of the activities and experiences you want to enjoy, and create an itinerary that balances relaxation and adventure.
  • Book a Luxurious Accommodation: Consider staying in a romantic beachfront resort, a charming bed and breakfast, or a cozy boutique hotel. Look for accommodations that offer special amenities like in-room hot tubs or private balconies. Obviously, you can choose something more rustic if you choose.
  • Sunset Beach Picnic: Pack a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and beverages, and enjoy a sunset picnic on the beach. Watching the sun dip below the horizon together is a romantic experience. Key West and Cape San Blas are perfect for this.
  • Spa Day: Treat yourselves to a
    romantic getaways in Florida - spa day
    Your hidden romantic getaways in Florida should always include a spay day.
    couples’ spa day. Many resorts and hotels in Florida offer spa packages designed for romantic getaways. Relax with massages, facials, and other wellness treatments. The Omni in Amelia Island and the JW Marriot in Marco Island can handle this.
  • Water Activities: Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and water activities. Consider renting a private boat for a romantic cruise, or try activities like paddleboarding, snorkeling, or kayaking together. Key West, the Omni, Marco Island will be suitable for these activities.
  • Dining with a View: Choose restaurants with stunning waterfront views. Whether it’s dining by the ocean, on a rooftop, or at a beachside restaurant, a picturesque setting can enhance your dining experience.
  • Adventure and Exploration: Explore the natural beauty of Florida by visiting parks, nature reserves, and gardens. Go hiking, bird watching, or take a scenic drive along coastal routes. Some of the destinations with Florida State Parks are perfect for this.
  • Surprise Each Other: Plan a surprise or two for your partner during the trip. It could be a surprise gift, a handwritten love note, or even arranging a special activity you know they’ll love.
  • Capture the Moments: Document your trip with photos and videos to create lasting memories. Hire a photographer for a romantic photoshoot or take pictures of each other.
  • Live Entertainment: Check if there are live music events, theater performances, or art exhibitions happening during your stay. Enjoying a cultural experience together can be very romantic.
  • Stargazing: Florida’s warm climate is perfect for stargazing. Find a quiet spot away from city lights and enjoy the night sky together. Consider bringing a telescope or binoculars.  Some people have never seen the millions of stars in the sky when on an island at night.
  • Plan a Day Trip: Take a day trip to
    romantic getaways in Florida - tours day trips
    Romantic getaways in Florida should include tours and day trips.
    nearby attractions or islands. Exploring new places together can be a great bonding experience.
  • Disconnect: Consider disconnecting from your devices and social media during your getaway to truly focus on each other and your surroundings.
  • Reflect and Connect: Spend some quiet time together reflecting on your relationship, your future, and your dreams. Engage in deep conversations that strengthen your bond.

Remember that the most important aspect of a romantic getaway is the quality time you spend together. Tailor your experience to your unique interests and preferences as a couple, and cherish the moments you share in this beautiful Florida setting.

Start your planning for your hidden romantic getaway in Florida today!

For more Florida destinations, check some of the links below. You may find your own hidden romantic getaway in Florida that suits you.

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