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60 Incredible Road Trips in Florida

Florida Road Trip Ideas From Pensacola to Key West

If you are a resident of Florida, you know what it means to take road trips in Florida. The beautiful roadways, beaches, forests and waterfront towns are familiar sights.

Florida Travel Blog has road trip ideas in Florida throughout the state. You also get the benefit of new trips we add on a regular basis.

We have listed over 60 road trip ideas in Florida. You can skim through them or use the search function at the bottom of the page.

Remember, a road trip to Key West from Tampa is a true road trip. However, a trip to Sarasota from Tampa is considered a day trip in Florida.

It makes a difference if your location is two hours away or an all-day drive. One is a day trip and the other is a road trip.

road trips in Florida vintage gas station
Road trips in Florida produce a lot of sights like this vintage gas station that still exists on US 19 north of Crystal River, Florida.

List of Road Trips in Florida Are Listed by Date

Preparing for your Road Trip in Florida

Sometimes the anticipation of taking a road trip suspends your common sense. It makes no difference if you are gone a few hours or few days. Some essentials need to be in your car.

If you are heading to outdoor destinations, sunscreen, a hat and water is necessary. Heading to the Everglades, add bug repellent to the list. In some areas of north Florida and the Everglades, you want to make certain you have a full gas tank (or full charge).

If you are not familiar with rural Florida, your preparation should include carefully selecting your route of travel. There are places on the Gulf Coast that dead-end right at water’s edge. While that sounds like a rustic country trip, in the rainy season the roads can flood behind you and you could be stranded for hours.

Florida is a special state with more kinds of terrain than any other state.

Road Trip Ideas in Florida Yet to Discover

Many of the Florida road trip ideas above are also many of our Most Popular Florida Destinations. Others dot the state, from major cities to the backroads of Florida. Enjoy the trips, take pictures and let us know your experiences with road trips in Florida we can learn about.

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