The Florida Keys and Key West The Ultimate Florida Road Trip

The Florida Keys and Key West There are probably a couple dozen famous cities in the world that everyone either visits or wants to visit. Typically, Paris, Moscow, New York, Hollywood, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, London and a few others come to mind. But none compare to the worldwide eclectic reputation of Key West. The

10 Essentials to Pack on a Florida Road Trip or Vacation

Essentials Plus Some Travel Packing Options Let’s start by saying we live in Florida. We travel Florida an average of twice per month. Florida Travel Blog is not selling anything – just the fun of taking a road trip in Florida. We know what to pack. We also know that most travel blogs will tell

The Old Spanish Trail – History, Nature and Traditions Make a Florida Road Trip Adventure

In 1915 it was clear that trade routes were changing from horses to horsepower. Prior to this time, as far back as the 1600’s Spanish explorers forged pathways through the wilderness to ports like New Orleans and beyond to trade goods from the America’s to the motherland, Spain. The major Spanish city was St. Augustine

Amelia Island – Most Fought Over Island in History, but Great Florida Road Trip Today!

The beauty and security of the island is why the privateer, supposedly working for the Mexican government, but actually a pirate, Louis-Michel Aury ruled the island for a period in the early 1800’s until turning it over to Americans in 1817. While the newly formed country of the United States was interested in controlling all of Florida, the Spanish laid claim to the land between the Atlantic Ocean to near New Orleans collectively then known then as Florida.

Wakulla Springs – A Must See Florida Road Trip

If you have a weekend retreat on your mind, this is a place to get away from city life or beach life. The lake supports a large swimming area – but I warn you about the temperature of spring water! There are great trails around the river along with canoe rentals nearby. If you must stray from the park, you are 30 minutes from Tallahassee, 30 minutes from St. Marks on the gulf and less than 90 minutes from Apalachicola, Florida, the former oyster capital of Florida.

St. Augustine – The Most Historic City in America – Perfect Florida Road Trip

<!- wp:paragraph -> St. Augustine, Florida – Historical Marvel No city in North America has more historical relevance than St. Augustine, Florida. When the King of Spain sent Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles to colonize Florida in 1565, little did he know for the next 250 years the British, French and Spanish would fight for

Silver Springs – The Best Florida Road Trip

Florida is blessed with hundreds of springs. Most are in the forests and wooded ares of northern Florida. In fact, one of the largest preserves in the state is the Ocala National Forest. Just before you enter the federal reserve, in Ocala, Florida there is a spring called Silver Springs.

Cedar Key – A Florida Road Trip on the Gulf Coast

Can you imagine the largest cities in Florida as bright stars in the sky?  Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and the ever-developing Orlando area would be as bright as a full summer moon. But that wasn’t always the case with these metropolises. In the early 19th century those bright stars would have been Fernandina, St. Augustine, Key West, Pensacola and a little protrusion into the Gulf known as Cedar Key. The major cities as we know them today weren’t more that a thought!

Alligators, Art and the Tamiami Trail – A Backroad Florida Day Trip

The Everglades Trail Tamiami, Alligators and Art – The Everglades Trail – A Backroad Florida Adventure Most Florida travelers have heard of the Tamiami Trail (State Route 41) going from Tampa to Miami, Florida. There is a section of the Trail that is rarely traveled since the opening of the I-75 expressway from Naples to