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Dazzling Beaches in Florida

How Many Beaches in Florida are There?


One of the most important things residents, visitors, and snow-birds agree on is the popularity of the beaches in Florida. According to Google, the term “beaches in Florida” gets searched more than 74,000 times per month.

People have a lot of questions about beaches. We are going to answer many of those questions here.

How many beaches are there in Florida?

We are not sure there is an answer to this question. We know that Florida has over 1350 miles of coastline, more than any contiguous state in the country. Coasts along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico are loaded with beaches.

It would be difficult to count the number of white sandy patches in the Ten Thousand Island area of the Everglades. The Florida Bay between the Keys and the mainland has numerous islands with patches of sand.

The bottom line is, no one is sure how many beaches there are in Florida, but we know there are hundreds of good ones!

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What are the biggest beaches in Florida?

Some of Florida’s biggest beaches are;

  • Canaveral National Seashore – Canaveral National Seashore, near New Smyrna Beach, Florida, stretches for approximately 24 miles along Florida’s east coast, making it one of the longest stretches of undeveloped beach in the state.
  • Pensacola Beach – Pensacola Beach has a long shoreline that spans approximately 8 miles along the Gulf of Mexico. It offers miles of space for sunbathing, beach activities, and enjoying the clear waters of the Gulf.
  • Daytona Beach – For years known as the “World’s Most Famous Beach,” Daytona Beach spans about 23 miles along Florida’s east coast. Its wide sandy beach provides plenty of room for sunbathers and beachgoers.
  • Panama City Beach – Panama City Beach features a generous 27 miles of sandy shoreline along the Emerald Coast. It offers a range of beachfront activities, water sports, and entertainment options. Notoriously known as the “Spring Break Capital of Florida”.
  • Augustine Beach – St. Augustine Beach offers approximately 7 miles of Atlantic Ocean shoreline along Florida’s northeast coast. It is known for its wide beach and gig sand dunes. It is perfect for long walks and beachside activities at several beach bars and restaurants along the beach. Just up the road is the oldest city in the country.

What are the most popular beaches in Florida?

People flock to Florida for many reasons. One of those reasons is to be near a beach. Many beaches in Florida have become popular because of their proximity to tourist destinations.

Below is a list of the most popular beaches in Florida.

Notice many of these beaches are near well-known destination cities. Many are on the list of the largest beaches in Florida. It would make sense that bigger beaches make them popular because of their size.

What are the less crowded Beaches in Florida?

It’s a never-ending search to find that patch of sand that no one else has discovered. The remote beach with just the breeze, the sand, the shells, the sun and you. Well, maybe we have some ideas for a little bit of that dream.

Here are a few of the less crowded beaches in Florida;

  • Caladesi Island State Park – Accessible only by ferry from Dunedin, Florida. Caladesi Island State Park offers pristine beaches and natural beauty, providing a secluded and serene experience. Near Clearwater Beach.
  • Gasparilla Island State Park – Gasparilla Island State Park is a hidden gem on the island of Boca Grande. Uncrowded beaches, wildlife viewing opportunities, and a peaceful atmosphere make this beach experience all yours. The island is also known as the Tarpon Fishing Capital of the World.
  • Tigertail Beach – Tigertail Beach on Marco Island offers a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere compared to some of the busier beaches in the area. Great spot to wander the beach. Most of this very wide beach is behind the luxurious resorts on the island.
  • Cayo Costa State Park – Gulf island only accessible by ferry boat. This rustic island is one of our favorites. Good place to get away from the world. Cabins and camping is available.
  • Cape San Blas – Cape San Blas is a tranquil and secluded beach destination known for its natural beauty, cottages and peaceful surroundings. Located in the panhandle near Port St. Joe. Check this on a map – out on a spit of land in the Gulf.
  • Anastasia State Park – Anastasia State Park, across from the mainland, provides a more secluded beach experience compared to the busier areas of St. Augustine. It offers 4 miles of sandy shoreline and various recreational activities.


When looking for a less crowded beach in Florida, the time of season has a lot to do with how busy the beaches are.

things you need when flying

Note that many of the less crowded beaches in Florida above are state parks. We think these are some of the best bargains in the state. Many charge a vehicle fee of $6 to $8. It doesn’t matter how many is in the car.

Check Hotel Prices

What are the Best Beaches in Florida?

Of course, the term “best” is subjective.

What are the best beaches in Florida for families? What are the best beaches in Florida for young adults? Which are the best beaches in Florida with pure white sand? What are the best beaches in Florida on the east coast? Which are the best beaches in Florida on the Gulf Coast?

Over a year ago Florida Travel Blog named what we thought were the 12 Best Beaches in Florida. We tried to take all the potential parameters in consideration and come up with the list. You can view our list and the reasons we chose them.

For our discussion here, we decided to narrow the choices based on particular factors. Then we looked at our list and what users of Google thought. Below is our group of lists for different factors.

Beaches Packing Checklist

Best Beaches in Florida for families.

  • Siesta Key Beach, near Sarasota, Florida. Always in the top ten beaches in Florida.
  • Clearwater Beach. A perennial favorite of everyone. The wide range of activities for everyone in the family makes this a great choice.
  • Sanibel/Captiva Islands. While Hurricane Ian devastated these islands, they are coming back quickly. Near Ft. Myers, Florida.
  • Cocoa Beach. This Atlantic Coast Beach has plenty of things to do. If the family wants to learn how to surf, this is the place.
  • Panama City Beach. We wouldn’t recommend this beach for families in the middle of spring break in Florida. However, the rest of the year it’s a perfect place for family fun.
  • Destin Beaches. There are several small and large beaches around Destin that have plenty to do. HarborWalk is full of restaurants and attractions to keep you busy day or night.
  • St. Pete Beach. The powdery white sand is much like Clearwater Beach a few miles north. All ages can have fun along several miles of beach along the Gulf Coast.

These are the beaches from the search results from Google that we chose to publish. We left a couple of their choices off the list due to safety issues for families.

The Beaches in Florida for Young Adults

We asked Google for the best beaches in Florida for young adults. Many of the results were the same. Here is that list with our edits that dealt with safety concerns and some of our experiences with those destinations we didn’t publish.

  • Siesta Key Beach
  • Clearwater Beach
  • South Beach Miami
  • Cocoa Beach
  • Naples Beach
  • St. Pete Beach
  • Key West Beach(s)
  • Anna Maria Island
  • Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach

As you can see, there are a lot of similarities between the various lists of beaches in Florida.

Best Beaches in Florida Only Accessible By Boat

There is something special about traveling to a beach on an island. Maybe that is a little bit of pirate mentality coming out in all of us.

Here are the best boat accessible beaches in Florida;

  1. Caladesi Island State Park – Near Dunedin, Florida.
  2. Egmont Key State Park – Near St. Petersburg.
  1. Anclote Key Preserve State Park – Near Tarpon Springs.
  2. Cayo Costa State Park – Near Boca Grande and Pine Island.
  3. Shell Key Preserve – Tierra Verde, Florida.
  4. Little St. George Island – Near Apalachicola, Florida. Don’t confuse it with the main St. George Island.

What We Learned Compiling the Lists of Best Beaches in Florida

beaches in Florida - Flags
You should get to know these flags if you visit Florida beaches.

Search engines aren’t the place to get the most accurate information. Here are some examples of things they don’t take in consideration;

  • They don’t consider time and events. Ft. Myers Beach was on several lists. Hurricane Ian totally destroyed Ft. Myers Beach and the many hotels. This island is not a place to be for a year or two.
  • They don’t take into crime statistics for given areas. Several destinations were included that are not safe according to crime data for Florida.
  • They are only partially accurate in evaluating the requested data. We added the warning about Panama City Beach. You would not be happy if you took your young family to Panama City Beach during spring break!
  • They confuse destinations. They include Ponce Inlet and Islamorada as the best beach locations. Ponce Inlet has no beaches and Islamorada is an island that has several beaches, some good and some not so good.

The Beaches in Florida

Hopefully, the different lists of types of beaches in Florida didn’t confuse you. We know Florida has hundreds of beaches.

We have identified 20-plus beaches in Florida that qualify for one of the best for something. Families, couples, and individuals have many options. Planning a vacation or road trip in Florida is a little easier if you can rely on a chosen beach to meet your standards.

The beaches in Florida you choose to visit can’t be all bad. A beach, sand, water and you are in Florida.

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