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BOK Tower Gardens and Pinewood – Great Day Trip

Bok Tower Gardens with Pinewood Estate

bok tower florida day trip
Views like this at Bok Tower make the day trip in Florida worthwhile!

This is a beautiful garden estate that is unequaled it it’s beauty and variety of plants and fauna. The 200 foot Bok Tower Gardens was built on top of Iron Mountain which is one of the highest points in all of Florida at 295 feet above sea level.

Spectacular views of the countryside are only superseded by the beauty of the gardens surrounding the tower.

Bok Tower Gardens FloridaNext to the Bok Tower property is Pinewood Estate. The Pinewood property is a mansion built in the 1930’s for a vice president of Bethlehem Steel. The mansion remains much as it was in 1930. The furnishings and living quarters remind us of the limitations of life almost one hundred years ago.

You can easily get lost in another time period for a half day in Polk County. Bok Tower is about 60 minutes away southwest of Orlando in Lake Wales, Florida for a great day trip.

The location of the Bok Tower, high on a hill, makes the view of the valley below very unique in Florida.

What Attractions Are Near Bok Tower Gardens 

Bok Tower Gardens is located in Lake Wales, Florida, surrounded by several attractions that offer a diverse range of experiences. Here are some notable attractions near Bok Tower Gardens:

  • Legoland Florida Resort: Located in Winter Haven, Legoland Florida Resort is a theme park featuring over 50 rides, shows, and attractions, all centered around the LEGO theme. It’s a family-friendly destination with rides for all ages and themed areas like LEGO City, LEGO Kingdoms, and Miniland USA.
  • Circle B Bar Reserve: This nature reserve is located in Lakeland and offers visitors the chance to explore Florida’s natural beauty. It features hiking trails, boardwalks, and wildlife viewing opportunities, including the chance to see alligators, birds, and other native species in their natural habitat.
  • Fantasy of Flight: A short drive from Bok Tower Gardens in Polk City, Fantasy of Flight is an aviation-themed attraction showcasing a vast collection of vintage aircraft. Visitors can explore exhibits, watch flight demonstrations, and even take a ride in a vintage biplane.
    Bok Tower Gardens things to do Lake Wales
    This village display is one of the fun things to do near Bok Tower Gardens.
  • Safari Wilderness: Located in Lakeland, Safari Wilderness offers guided safari tours through 260 acres of pristine wilderness. Visitors can encounter exotic animals such as lemurs, zebras, and antelopes while learning about conservation efforts and the importance of preserving natural habitats.
  • Streamsong Resort: Golf enthusiasts will appreciate Streamsong Resort, situated in Bowling Green, just a short drive from Bok Tower Gardens. The resort boasts world-class golf courses set amidst breathtaking landscapes, making it a premier destination for golfers of all skill levels.
  • Downtown Lake Wales: After exploring the natural beauty of Bok Tower Gardens, visitors can wander through downtown Lake Wales to enjoy quaint shops, restaurants, and historic architecture. The area offers a charming atmosphere and a chance to experience local culture and hospitality.

These attractions, along with others in the surrounding area, provide visitors to Bok Tower Gardens with a variety of options for adventure, relaxation, and exploration during their visit to Central Florida.

Things To Do Near Lake Wales Florida

Places To Stay Near Lake Wales Florida

Directions To Bok Tower Gardens

Bok Tower Gardens day trip from Tampa are would be about 90 minutes, and from Ft. Myers about a 90-minute day trip. A Melbourne, Florida Day trip would be 90 minutes due west.

You will need to access N Scenic Hwy/FL-17 S. This road will take you directly to Bok Tower Gardens.

Arrive at Bok Tower Gardens: You’ll find Bok Tower Gardens located at 1151 Tower Blvd, Lake Wales, FL 33853.

things you need when flying

Make sure to check current traffic conditions and any road closures before starting your journey, and consider using a GPS or map app for real-time navigation assistance. Enjoy your visit to Bok Tower Gardens!

All in all, this day trip in Florida is relaxing, interesting, and full of tropical plants. Bok Tower is worth the visit.

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