BOK Tower and Pinewood – Great Day Trip

BOK TOWER Gardens– This is a beautiful garden estate that is unequaled it it’s beauty and variety of plants and fauna. The 200 foot tower was built on top of Iron Mountain, near Lake Wales,  which is one of the highest points in all of Florida at 295 feet above sea level. Spectacular views of the countryside are only superseded by the beauty of the gardens surrounding the tower.

Next to the Bok Tower property is Pinewood Estate. The Pinewood property is a mansion built in the 1930’s for a vice president of Bethlehem Steel. The mansion remains much as it was in 1930. The furnishings and living quarters remind us of the limitations of life almost one hundred years ago. The life of an executive then and our life today was much different. No televisions, meager phone service, an AM radio was supplemented by a piano for family fun. Life had few conveniences like air conditioners, freezers and appliances. The life of Charles Buck was that of an executive. He built the Pinewood estate in 1932. Despite the 12,900 square foot retreat, you clearly see life was much different.

You can easily get lost in another time period for a half day in Polk county about 60 minutes away southwest of Orlando in Lake Wales, Florida for a great day trip. Bok Tower day trip from Tampa are would be about 90 minutes, and from Ft. Myers about a 90 minute day trip. A Melbourne, Florida Day trip would be 90 minutes due west.

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