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Caretta’s Best Restaurant on Clearwater Beach at Sandpearl Resort

One of the Best on Clearwater Beach

Hotel restaurants rarely get our vote for best restaurant in any town – Caretta’s on Clearwater Beach is an exception. Caretta’s is the best restaurant on Clearwater Beach.

Even the most elegant resorts in the world tend to have some little flaws in service, attitude or execution that leaves you unsatisfied. Florida is blessed with resorts. From the panhandle to Amelia Island to Key West – there are hundreds of choices for an exceptional resort experience. 

Caretta's on Clearwater Beach one of the best restaurant on Clearwater Beach
Sandpearl Resort pool faces the Gulf of Mexico. Their restaurant Caretta’s, is one of the best restaurants on Clearwater Beach.

On Clearwater Beach there is no less than a dozen places calling themselves a “resort”. In reality, only a handful can be considered a true resort. For any restaurant in a resort to have the best restaurant on Clearwater Beach is a feather in Sandpearl’s cap!

True Resort – Not Just a Name

On the north end Clearwater Beach is a true resort with all the amenities – gulf beaches, pool, spa’s, planned activities and very superb accommodations from suites to single bedrooms. The resort is known as The Sandpearl Resort

What makes this resort exceptional is its restaurant, Caretta’s. The other beach resorts, the Hyatt, the Wyndham Grand, and The Opal Sands (sister property to the Sandpearl) have acceptable dining options, but nothing to compare to Caretta’s on Clearwater Beach at the Sandpearl.

Caretta’s offers the standard gulf view dining option with a comfortable lounge for before or after-dinner beverages. What makes Caretta’s different is the creativity of the chef and the willingness to be inventive, even with a nightly offering of his own design. 

Many resorts have fine menus, but few offer creativity and adaptability to an individual guests taste. The basic menu is beef and seafood. Yet each entrée’ can be customized according to a diner’s preference. The Chilean Seabass can be made with components of the tuna dinner or the chicken can be offered with sides that normally complement the filet.

Once the diner has selected their preferences, you can expect perfection in every presentation. This is execution! And this is the difference!

Other Dining Options on Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach has a number of fine dining options from independent restaurateurs. The Beachcomber has been a staple for over 50 years, Blinkers is a relative new comer and Cesare’s does a decent job with Italian. They are all good choices, but they have not lived up to the standards Caretta’s has set for perfection time after time. Our vote for one of the best restaurants on Clearwater Beach is clearly Caretta’s.

The Wine Room

Wine Room SandPearl Caretta's on Clearwater Beach one of the best restaurants on Clearwater Beach
Wine Room at the SandPearl is a unique dining experience.

Caretta’s on Clearwater Beach can elevate your group dining experience to another level. In a room that doubles as a wine cellar, you can plan for group to be surrounded with wine selections and unequaled service. The room can hold up to a dozen people easily. See why we call Caretta’s the best restaurant on Clearwater Beach.

The experience is private and remote from the main dining room. This is a truly intimate dining experience offered at Caretta’s by reservation only.

Caretta’s Our Choice for Best Restaurant on Clearwater Beach

Florida Travel Blog sees a lot of restaurants all over the state. There are some great dining options everywhere. However, based on our experience, Caretta’s at the Sandpearl has put the food, service and atmosphere together to be called the best on Clearwater Beach.

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So clearly, the best restaurant on Clearwater Beach is Caretta’s at The Sandpearl. Remember, this IS fine dining. Be prepared to pay for the exceptional service, location and execution. We think it is worth it!

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