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10 Things You Must Do in Key West

Sloppy Joe's Key West

10 Things You MUST Do in Key West Let’s assume this is your first visit to the southernmost island off mainland America. You have heard about Key West and the many things to do in Key West – most of … Read more

Florida’s 15 Best Dive Bars (so far!)

Best dive bars in Florida

Florida’s 15 Best Dive Bars It’s hard to find a good dive bar anymore! We have Florida’s 15 best dive bars we have found so far. It seems a combination of regulations, owners selling out and covid-19 has created havoc … Read more

Harry’s Bar and Package – Possibly the Perfect Dive Bar

Harrys Bar Florida Dive Bar

When it comes to dive bars, we have learned they come in all sizes, shapes, amenities offered and location that surprise you. We discovered this gem as we traveled the coastline of the Florida panhandle. After leaving places like Alligator Point, Panacea and St. Teresa along Highway 98 we came into a small fishing village called Carabelle. Hunger led us to a sign stating Harry’s Bar and Package. All I can say is if there is a mold for dive bars, Harry’s created it!

The Florida Keys and Key West – A Traveler’s Primer

Key West Buoy Florida

The Keys are now the playground of Florida (and much of the world). The islands offer world class fishing, the best reefs in the northern hemisphere for diving, resorts renowned for their hospitality, beaches everywhere, entertainment, and some of the most famous restaurants and bars in the world. Cruise ships arrive daily in Key West dumping thousands of world travelers for the day, and expanding the international allure of the island.

FLORA-BAMA, A 5000 Seat Dive Bar?

Flora-bama Dive Bar

I was trying to find a reason NOT to include this restaurant/oyster bar/beach bar/tiki hut/dive bar in this book. It is certainly the largest bar we will cover, one of the most famous, one of the most ingenious operations and just a lot of fun! However, what is it the “best” of? Then it dawned on me that maybe it is the best of the biggest and most famous “dive” bars in Florida!