Covid-19 Update 10-15-2020

Florida covid-19 update 10-15-2020

covid-19 update 10-15-20


We are not medical experts, nor do we make the rules or guidelines, but the new Florida covid-19 cases continue to be rising. At the same time there is a general public perception by many people that masks and social distancing rules can be relaxed. Based on observations, that may be a cause for the increase.

In Pinellas County, the numbers have leveled off since the surge last week.

The Good News
Deaths continue to fall as you can see on the chart to the left. Lets hope there is no correlation to the rise in deaths to the rise in new case in the coming days. This is great news as treatments get better and the younger age group becoming infected have a small mortality rate. Still one death is too many!

RESTAURANT NOTES: Both Maggie Mae’s and Backwaters continue to keep you safe. We monitor each employee daily with temperature checks and other symptom questions. Everything is cleaned constantly and table spacing is required.



 The county says just call this number to schedule a FREE covid-19 test – 727-824-8181 – there are four locations to choose from here. Many pharmacies are beginning to have drive through test sites at varying costs. We are also being told the Florida Department of Health can help with tests by calling 727-824-6900


Latest COVID-19 Case Numbers for Florida & Pinellas County
748,437+ COVID-19 CASES
15,830+ DEATHS

Pinellas County
23,578+ COVID-19 CASES Total
793+ Total DEATHS

All of this information can be updated daily at this Florida site. A more detailed report is also available here.

Be Safe in all you do.
We are here for you!
NOTE: Backwaters and Maggie Mae’s will provide masks to guests who don’t have a mask or forget theirs.

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