Covid-19 Update 1-26-2021

Are We Starting to See a Plateau?
If you look at the charts to the left there are some signs of a leveling off of new cases. Plateau, well maybe. Lets see what it looks like next week.
1-26-2021 Ubdate Covid

1-26-2021 Update Covid

Vaccines Still Difficult to Get

Despite all the news coverage, public announcements and information on how to get your shots, there has been continuous snafu’s with the Pinellas County website and registration portal.
So this week, Monday January 18th, we thought it would be interesting to try again and visit the Pinellas county signup website. For the third week in a row the appointments were gone in a matter of moments.

We don’t want to be misleading, there is a portal you can register to get your vaccinations at this link. However, after filling out numerous forms, the result was the same – all appointments were full!

It should be noted that registration IS available in most surrounding counties like Pasco, Manatee and Polk. It is our understanding, if you are willing to travel a few miles, Florida residents may register for the vaccine anywhere in the state.

While we will continue to print methods to obtain vaccines and the requirements, we do not support the limited locations and and limited ways to schedule an appointment. With today’s technology there is no excuse. The vaccine release was no surprise. We have known a vaccine was coming for months. We can only chalk it up to government bureaucracy at all levels.

To try to register in Pinellas County, visit and follow the instructions to register for an appointment to receive the vaccine. Those without internet access, call (727) 824-6900, option 4 for assistance. Good luck!

We check temperatures of all employees daily and quiz each about potential symptoms. We maintain those records.

Need a safe getaway in Florida? Check The Florida Travel Log for some safe road trips!

Pinellas County once again extends the emergency order requiring masks and social distancing. The extension of the order is here.


 The county says just call this number to schedule a FREE covid-19 test – 727-824-8181 – there are four locations to choose from here. Many pharmacies are beginning to have drive through test sites at varying costs. We are also being told the Florida Department of Health can help with tests by calling 727-824-6900

Latest COVID-19 Case Numbers for Florida & Pinellas County

1,571,279+ COVID-19 CASES
24,137+ DEATHS

Pinellas County
52,856+ COVID-19 CASES Total
1175+ Total DEATHS

All of this information can be updated daily at this Florida site.

Be Safe in all you do.
We are here for you!
NOTE: Backwaters and Maggie Mae’s will provide masks to guests who don’t have a mask or forget theirs.

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