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A New Threat to Social Distancing

We have all sprayed some kind of aerosol in or around our homes over the years. Think about the lingering smell.

We also know what droplets are – when we cough, sneeze or exhale forcefully. Now scientists are telling us we need to know the difference between droplets of different sizes with regard to covid-19.

Most Droplets fall to the ground reasonably quickly because of their weight. The speed or distance they travel horizontally is dependent on the force they were exhaled, the size of the droplet and the movement of the air surrounding the event (enclosed room, outdoors,, etc.).

Aerosols are different in that the droplet size is so small it’s called an aerosol by definition. They are airborne particles fraction of the size of normal droplets that linger in the air for different amounts of time based primarily on ventilation. They could stay in a tight space for hours!

So, what is the big deal?
Simply stated, social distancing is safer in areas that are well ventilated, like open air spaces, patios and room with fans and air movement. The aerosols that are very light are expelled quicker by fast moving air currents that disperse them. Outdoors is great! Small rooms with no open windows or doors are dangerous. Some people say as winter moves in across the country and people are forced inside, there could be a surge in coronavirus cases.

Here are some studies that deal with aerosols and covid-19-

Great News – Trend Sliding Down!

While new cases continue to fall, the best news is the falling death rate and fewer hospitalizations. Hopefully, the learning curve on how to treat the coronavirus is improving. Another possible reason death rates are falling is that the average age infected is also going down. Younger people face less severe symptoms than older adults. Here are some other facts.

Whatever these reason, the fact is fewer people are dying. However, one death is too many!   SOCIAL DISTANCING IS THE ANSWER Despite all the regulations, the only sure way NOT to get the covid-19 virus is to practice and understand social distancing. The CDC recommendations are here, but the basics are simple – staying 6 feet or more from other people is the best way to stay safe.
PINELLAS COUNTY REQUIRES MASKS IN PUBLIC – FREE TESTS AVAILABLE  The county says just call this number to schedule a FREE covid-19 test – 727-824-8181 – there are four locations to choose from here. Even pharmacies are beginning to have drive through test sites at varying costs. We are also being told the Florida Department of Health can help with tests by calling 727-824-6900

Latest COVID-19 Case Numbers for Florida & Pinellas County
650,000+ COVID-19 CASES
11,900+ DEATHS

Pinellas County
20,380+ COVID-19 CASES Total
678+ Total DEATHS

All of this information can be updated daily at this Florida site. A more detailed report is also available here.Be Safe in all you do.We are here for you!
NOTE: Backwaters and Maggie Mae’s will provide masks to guests who don’t have a mask or forget theirs.

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