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Deal’s Famous Oyster House – One of Florida’s Best Restaurants

Deal's Famous Oyster House is Part of Florida Culture

Deal's Oyster Stew at Deal's Famous Oyster House
Fresh shucked oysters are the key to Deal’s Oyster Stew.

Occasionally you run into a restaurant that complicates a method to describe it. This is the case with Deal’s Famous Oyster House in Perry, Florida. Truly one of Florida’s best restaurants for the right reasons.

Perry is in the coastal big bend area of Florida in Taylor County. With less than 25,000 people in the entire county, it seems most of them are at Deal’s most of the time!

Deal’s Famous Oyster House Part of the History and Culture of Nort Florida

Deals has been serving the county for almost 60 years. My guess is that not much has changed! They still serve oysters and shrimp as fresh as you can get them out of the Gulf, plus smoked mullet considered a delicacy by the locals.

Deal’s Famous Oyster House serves oysters in about a dozen different ways, one of which is oyster stew – just oysters, cream, butter and the juice from the oysters. Absolutely delicious!

Fresh Food and Southern Charm Makes Deal’s a Florida Best Restaurant

Deal’s menu is large but as southern country as you will find in the area with plenty of grits, hush puppies, and strawberry pie!

Deal's Famous Oyster House
New guests at Deal’s are treated like royalty with a song!

One thing you cannot describe is the hospitality. If you are one of our best Florida restaurants, you better know what southern charm is.

At Deal’s,  As you walk in the door a voice rings out, “In these doors come the finest people in the world”! Whichever employee is closest to the door will repeat the same phrase. And, as you leave, there are sincere “Thank You’s” from everyone!

The people are real, down-home, southern hospitality at its finest!

Is this place fancy, no. Is this place serving you on silver platters, no. Is the food honest, clean and fresh, yes! Are the people hard-working with southern charm, yes. I will guarantee one of the waitresses will ask,” Sweetie, would you like grits, hush puppies, swamp cabbage, fries or sweet potato fries for your sides?”!

Now that is one of the best Florida restaurants!

Deal’s Famous Oyster House is close to one of our Florida Backroad Adventures on Rt. 98

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