Florida Cases Covid-19 5-19-2020

Pinellas County Cases Spike
Nursing Homes are Problematic
Some nursing homes and long term care facilities continue to be a problem in this county. Recent new cases are the result of outbreaks and problems (see more here). In fact, 31 of the 63 deaths in Pinellas County have come from one nursing facility in Seminole!

Of course as there is more testing available, more cases will be found. Speaking of testing, you can get FREE TESTING at four sites in Pinellas by calling 727-824-8181 and press 0.

Latest COVID-19 Case Numbers for Florida & Pinellas County
42,400+ COVID-19 CASES

Pinellas County

Note: Only 263 People WERE Hospitalized in the county during this crisis (6 week period).
All of this information can be updated daily at this Florida site. Be Safe in all you do.We are here for you!

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