Florida Covid-19 Update 4-19-2020

After writing the material below, the Pinellas County Commissioners voted this afternoon to open the beaches on Monday at 7AM. Condo pools open Thursday!

Thank You for Caring!Notes around Clearwater Beach and Sand Key This past Sunday was like an old time drive-in. You remember when cars used to go to a drive-in restaurant and cruise the parking lot? Everyone shined up their cars, sported their latest fashions and spent the evening around and around the lot – maybe hoping to meet someone. This was about the scene on Clearwater Beach this weekend. People wanting to get out – do anything, but nothing is open. So you drive around the beach just hoping some normalcy returns soon! Here is a LIVE view of Clearwater Beach.   Clearly the Peak is Behind Us Pinellas County shows clear trends of slowing the number of new covid-19 cases. Still other areas remain troublesome.The lower chart is Dade County (Miami Area) which had over 300 new cases a day within the last few days.

  Governor Ron DeSantis has decided to loosen some of the restrictions, but it has to be a county by county decision. As we have reported before there are more than a dozen counties in Florida that have little or no infections.

Tests Cause Spikes!
One problem across the country deciphering the numbers is the occasional spikes in new cases. There is a relationship to new cases and expanding test availability. Obviously, if you have mass testing, then you will find people with the disease that have no symptoms. That is good so they can be isolated, but the numbers make it appear the trend is not declining.

Latest COVID-19 Case Numbers for Florida & Pinellas County
31,138 COVID-19 CASES

Pinellas County

Note: Only 193 People WERE Hospitalized in the county! In fact, most are home and recovered.

All of this information can be updated daily at this Florida site. Be Safe in all you do.
We are here for you!

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