Florida Covid-19 Update 7-31-2020

With Over 8600 Case Yesterday  Nothing to Celebrate – Trend Is Best in Several Weeks The pandemic in Florida continues, but just maybe there is a developing trend for the last six days that is downward. Certainly nothing to celebrate, but let’s hope its the beginning of something positive. Note that deaths in Florida continue to decline.
ANSWERS TO COVID-19 QUESTIONS YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW! If you follow all the news, opinions, discussions along with CDC, WHO and FDH guidelines, you know that the coronavirus is a moving target. Just when you think you have the latest facts, it changes. We thought the latest answers to the most common questions might be appropriate – at least until it changes!

How likely am I to get the coronavirus from touching a table or chair an infected person has touched?
Early on in the pandemic, it was thought that contact with surfaces contaminated with the covid-19 virus could be a significant source of human infection. The latest studies (and some educated guesswork) have back away from some of the recommendations. It appears most surfaces only protect the virus for a few hours with only a few exceptions. Read on here….

Can pets get the coronavirus or give it to me?
It appears Fluffy may get it, but Fido can’t! At least one study says dogs are unlikely to get the virus, but cats are susceptible. See which animals can and can’t get the coronavirus.

If I am exposed to the covid-19 virus, how long before I get the symptoms?
This is a little difficult to answer since some people may never have symptoms, but are proven to have had the virus! For those who do get symptoms, it is generally under 10 days. See more specific data here…

If I catch covid-19, how long am I potentially infectious to other people?
It appears this virus is similar to other viruses. Most of the time symptoms can be a factor in your ability to infect other people. See the story here….

Is age a bigger factor than underlying conditions a bigger factor in becoming very seriously ill from covid-19?
Originally it was thought only the elderly were at serious risk from the pandemic. Studying the deaths, a clearer picture has emerged. Read more here….

What are the underlying conditions that seem to make people more at risk?
In general terms, we know that any condition that affects the immune system or respiratory system may cause the virus to be much more serious. Here is the list of the most at risk…

Who is dying from the coronavirus?
Sadly, people are losing their lives. The task of studying those deaths has become a way to help us understand more about covid-19 virus and potentially find treatments and a cure! See the profiles here.
SOCIAL DISTANCING IS THE ANSWER Despite all the regulations, the only sure way NOT to get the covid-19 virus is to practice and understand social distancing. The CDC recommendations are here, but the basics are simple – staying 6 feet or more from other people is the best way to stay safe.
PINELLAS COUNTY REQUIRES MASKS IN PUBLIC – FREE TESTS AVAILABLE  The county says just call this number to schedule a FREE covid-19 test – 727-824-8181 – there are four locations to choose from here. Even drug stores are beginning to have drive through test sites at varying costs. We are also being told the Florida Department of Health can help with tests by calling 727-824-6900

Latest COVID-19 Case Numbers for Florida & Pinellas County
470,400+ COVID-19 CASES
6843+ DEATHS

Pinellas County
16240+ COVID-19 CASES Total
432+ Total DEATHS
All of this information can be updated daily at this Florida site. Be Safe in all you do.We are here for you!
NOTE: Backwaters and Maggie Mae’s will provide masks to guests who don’t have a mask or forget theirs.

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