Florida Covid-19 Update New Cases 6-13-2020

Spike in New Cases Unsettling – But Expected
Florida cases of covid-19 have spiked to levels equal to the March peaks. The last couple of days have seen over 1700 cases per day. It is unsettling, but predicted by many medical researchers. Two factors influence these record numbers. First, there is triple the amount of testing daily as compared to March numbers. And secondly, you can’t re-open businesses and the economy without expecting close encounters between individuals won’t lead to more virus spread. How much – that is unpredictable based on public habits and social distancing.

The good news is the DEATH RATES CONTINUE TO DECLINE despite the increase of cases.
  HELP MAY BE ON THE WAY It is encouraging to see that dozens of large companies are competing to find both treatments and a cure for covid-19. It is unprecedented to see this many giants in the pharmaceutical industry working in the same direction. Check out the list of drugs and vaccines in various stages at this list from National Institute of Health. Here is the list of descriptions and potential treatments.    The county says just call this number to schedule a FREE covid-19 test – 727-824-8181 – there are four locations to choose from here. Even drug stores are beginning to have drive through test sites at varying costs.

Latest COVID-19 Case Numbers for Florida & Pinellas County
71,000+ COVID-19 CASES

Pinellas County
All of this information can be updated daily at this Florida site. Be Safe in all you do.We are here for you!

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