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How Large is The Villages in Florida – 11 Most Asked Questions Answered

How Big is The Villages in Florida - Where is The Villages in Florida Located - We Have The Answers

Map of the Villages how large is the Villages in Florida
Map of The Villages

We love The Villages. Florida Travel Blog has written about “ Florida’s Friendliest Hometown” many times. Yet, we find questions like, how large is the Villages in Florida go unanswered or incorrect responses come from search engines. The Villages size of 5.56 square miles does not tell the whole story about America’s largest retirement community.

We went to Google and discovered there are a lot of questions about The Villages that take some work to find the answers. We decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about The Villages as they appear in Google and other internet searches.

In this lengthy post, we will answer these questions;

  • How large is The Villages in Florida?
  • How many acres are in The Villages in Florida?
  • How big is The Villages in Florida?
  • What is the population of The Villages in Florida?
  • What major city is The Villages in Florida near?
  • Where is The Villages in Florida located?
  • What county is The Villages Florida in?
  • Can you tour The Villages in Florida?
  • What is The Villages in Florida known for?
  • How many golf courses are in The Villages?
  • What are the best restaurants in The Villages in Florida?

These questions and many more facts about The Villages are covered for your convenience when visiting The Villages or are you considering living in The Villages?

How large is The Villages in Florida?

The simple answer to how large is The Villages in Florida that comes up in a Google search is 5.56 miles squared which calculates to almost 31 square miles.

We believe the answer is hard to understand, inaccurate and hard to comprehend. The reason the answer to how large is The Villages in Florida is wrong is because The Villages size grows almost daily. In fact, they just added several hundred acres near the town of Coleman, Florida as they consistently grow progressively further south.

The planned community of The Villages continually purchases more acreage as part of their master plan. This master plan for The Villages includes new residential homes, a campus for employees, education for children of employees off-property, and infrastructure to support the needs of residents.

how large is The Villages in Florida sunset - The Villages size
The half-mile long boardwalk in Lake Sumter Landing is a perfect place to watch the sunset. The Waterfront Inn is off in the background.

How many acres are in The Villages?

The current answer to how many acres are in The Villages is 33,000 acres. Comparatively, that is more acreage than the town of Ft. Myers, Florida. The Villages’ size is about one and a half times the size of Sarasota, Florida.

What county is The Villages Florida in?

The sprawling growing community is getting bigger. The answer to what county is The Villages Florida in is Sumter, Marion and Lake counties. All three counties have The Villages community within their boundaries, although most of The Villages is in Marion and Sumter counties.

how large is the villages in Florida falls creek
The Villages is located in beautiful north-central Florida. Planners have kept many of the rustic attributes in the parks and hiking paths within The Villages.

Where is The Villages of Florida located?

The Villages of Florida are located in the north-central part of Florida. The Villages of Florida are slightly northwest of Orlando about 60 miles away (see the map of The Villages). The Villages are located northeast of Tampa, Florida about 80 miles. The Villages are located about 60 miles south of Gainesville, Florida.

The Villages are also located about 60 miles from the Gulf Coast and the same to the Atlantic Ocean coast. The Villages are also located about 60 miles north of Disney World.

One of the notable positive aspects of this location is the ability to get to other parts of the state quickly. Villagers love to take frequent day trips in Florida from The Villages.

things you need when flying

What major city is The Villages in Florida near?

The closest major city The Villages is near is Orlando which is 60 minutes away. If you consider other large cities, The Villages is 90 minutes from Tampa, Florida, the state’s third largest city. Ocala, Florida is 25 minutes away and is the 54th largest city in Florida.

how large is the villages in Florida st pats day
Few events and holidays are missed in The Villages. This was St. Patrick’s Day 2023. Over 1200 people and 100 golf carts in a St. Patrick’s Day parade.

What is the population of The Villages in Florida?

The best estimate of 2023 population of The Villages is over 135,000 people. However, that is a moving target. The Villages’ size swells with people from October to March as people come and go for the season. Also, the constant growth of about 100 new people a day adds to the equation. Of course, with an aging demographic, people pass away and are removed from the numbers.

The Villages is a census-designated place. In short, the community is treated like a city for the purposes of taking a census. The Villages size would be considered the 14th or 15th largest place in Florida using the above population figures.

The population of The Villages continues to grow we know. However, the exact Villages population is difficult to determine since they spread over three counties.

The other issue trying to determine the population of The Villages is the growing trend of investors purchasing properties for long-term rentals.

Can you tour The Villages in Florida?

Yes, you can easily tour The Villages in Florida. Each of the four squares has a sales center where you can schedule a trolley tour that previews the lifestyle of The Villages. This video was done by a visitor to The Villages and explains how to get a reservation for a tour.

What is The Villages known for?

how large is the villages in florida beach boys
Quality entertainment is what The Villages is all about. Headline groups appear year-round.

The sign says it all. The Villages is known for its being considered “Florida’s Friendliest Hometown”. We concur! People are friendly, and happy and love the retirement lifestyle offered in The Villages.

The Villages is also known for the entertainment provided daily 365 days a year. Each square has a nightly band and many of the bars and restaurants in The Villages have their own entertainment schedule.

Entertainment doesn’t end with the squares. The Villages has two large auditorium-style venues that hold large events. The Savannah Center holds over 850 people and The Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center holds over 1000 people.

Performers like Foghat, The Beach Boys, George Thorogood, The Drifters, and several theatrical productions like Rocky Horror Show and others showcase their talents and popularity at The Villages. The Villages is known for quality entertainment year-round.

The Villages is known for its activities. On any given day, you can find everything from pickleball to knitting lessons in all parts of The Villages. We regularly see rowing teams parting the waters at Lake Sumter Landing from our hotel, The Waterfront Inn.

The Villages are also known for the quaint shops in all four squares. You can find everything from art galleries to clothing stores.

The Villages is known for its large number of golf courses scattered throughout the many Villages. Many homes are on or backup to the golf courses.

The Villages is also known for its golf carts. It is estimated that there are 50,000 golf carts registered in The Villages.

shopping in the villages
After a tiring day of shopping, these women enjoy one of the restaurants in Brownwood. Notice they all have packages.

How Many Golf Courses Are In The Villages

There are more than 50 golf courses available to residents of The Villages. Many are executive courses (shorter and 9-hole courses included).

In addition, there are 12 country clubs with championship courses. Most are open to the public for dining. Golf can be scheduled through The Village’s tee time system. Non-residents can also call directly to the course golf shop for more information.

The Villages custom cart - how large is the villages in Florida
Custom golf carts are common in The Villages and the preferred method of travel.

The Villages Golf Carts

It seems everyone in The Villages has a golf cart. Even if you don’t golf, golf carts are the mode of preferred transportation. Some families have more than one when BOTH the husband and wife golf.

There is also an unwritten competition for the best and most unusual customized golf cart. Visit any one of the squares around happy hour and you can stroll the sidewalks to choose your favorite customized and decorated cart.

Many golf carts in the Villages have the owner’s hometown designated either by name or football team. The Villages Golf Cart Map and square locations can be downloaded here.

What are the best restaurants in The Villages in Florida?

This subjective review includes the restaurants on the property inside The Villages. There are hundreds of restaurants in surrounding towns and business centers we don’t include.

The Best Restaurants in The Villages are described by cuisine and location. Nearly all known cuisines are represented somewhere in the four centrally located squares.

Here is our list of the best restaurants in The Villages in Florida

Best Italian Restaurant in The Villages

Our vote goes to Red Sauce located in Lake Sumter Landing. From excellent pizza to reasonably price Italian entrees, Red Sauce covers all the bases.

Best Seafood Restaurant in The Villages

how large are the villages in Florida bluefin restaurant
The Bluefin Restaurant is on the main square at Brownwood Paddock. Great seafood. Scooples is a few doors away.

In Brownwood Square is Bluefin Bar & Grill. Upscale setting with excellent service.

Best Steak House in The Villages

The Chop House in Lake Sumter Landing constantly provides great service and superb steaks.

Best Ice Cream Shop in The Villages

Scooples in Brownwood Square has our vote for best ice cream shop in The Villages.

Best Candy Store in The Villages

Kilwin’s in Spanish Springs has a wide range of sweets that will satisfy every craving.

Best Place for Lunch in The Villages

One of the newest entries for restaurants in The Villages is Wolfgang Pucks Bar & Grill in Brownwood serves a wide selection of lunch dishes next to the Brownwood Hotel.

how large is the villages in Florida lighthouse restaurant
The Lighthouse Restaurant on Lake Sumter is another one of our favorite seafood restaurants with a good happy hour.

Best Breakfast Restaurant in The Villages

We have to give the best breakfast in The Villages a tie vote. The Flying Biscuit and TooJays in Lake Sumter both make the mornings a little better.

Best Happy Hour in The Villages

Just about every day you will find a full bar at City Fire in Lake Sumter Landing and the Brownwood locations. Reasonable prices and good bartenders make this our favorite. They also get notice for their nightly entertainment scene after other venues close.

Honorable Mention for The Best Restaurants in The Villages

The Lighthouse – Lake Sumter Landing, great seafood and AUCE crab legs.

Amerikano’s Grille – Spanish Springs – entertainment starts at 2 PM daily – try their awesome mussels and loaded potatoes.

Peterbrooke Chocolates – Lake Sumter Landing – A friend of the Florida Travel Blog swears by this chocolate maker.

So, Just How Large is The Villages in Florida and What is the Population of The Villages

Perhaps our answer to those questions has you convinced The Villages is no run-of-the-mill retirement subdivision located in some out-of-the-way town. 

The Villages is America’s largest and fastest-growing over-55 retirement community. One reason The Villages continue to grow are the wide variety of things to do near The Villages. The location of the community is in central Florida that is loaded with popular attractions.

The Villages Size

Questions about the Villages’ size is by far the number one question seen on the internet search engines. That is a difficult question to answer correctly. The size of The Villages in term of population grows daily.

If your question about The Villages’ size relates to acreage, that also grows it seems monthly!

More questions about The Villages? Florida Travel Blog has answered the most common questions visitors ask about The Villages. We admit we don’t live there but a dozen visits in the last couple of years qualify us as an expert on all things The Villages including how large is The Villages in Florida. 

You may now have a perspective! If not, ask away below.

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