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Louie’s Backyard – The Best Restaurant in Key West

Louie's Backyard - Best Restaurant in Key West

Best restaurants and bars Key West Louie's backyard
Louie’s Backyard is one of the best restaurants in Key West.

Louie’s Backyard is the best restaurant in Key West for the food, the view and the service.

The Island of Key West has about 190 bars and restaurants on a 2-mile by 4-mile patch of coral at the southernmost point of the United States. 

There is a big red marker denoting this location and the distance to Cuba. Tourists enjoy snapping pictures beside the marker. Little do they know the best food in Key West is just a few doors down the street.

There are only a few options for the best semi-formal food on the island. Our vote goes to Louie’s Backyard at the south end of Duval Street, near the southernmost point as our favorite. Louie’s has been serving Caribbean style entrees and fresh local seafood for over 50 years.

Louie's Backyard the best in Key West
Louie’s is just a few steps from this famous Key West landmark.

The restaurant is in an old Victorian home with a magnificent ocean view and a small tiki bar close to the sand.

Service has always been fast and courteous. We are told the same award-winning chef has been at Louie’s for 30 years.

The international reputation of Louie’s has convinced many food critics they are the best restaurant in Key West.

Award Winning Food and Service Makes Louie’s The Best Restaurant in Key West

Louie’s has won numerous awards for presenting Caribbean flavors with fresh locally sourced products.

Louie’s Backyard have been featured on just about every food show and restaurant preview across the country. The menu is creative and offers entrees for almost any taste.  

best restaurant in Key West - Louie's Backyard.
This unassuming house contains the best restaurant in Key West. The back of the house opens up to a view of the Florida straights.

All of the accolades, great menu items and fine service is unequaled in Key West. 

Having dinner or lunch beside the Atlantic Ocean adds a dimension unrivaled in Key West. Louie’s is popular.

Reservations are suggested even at lunchtime. You can end a day of doing the Duval crawl by stopping at Louie’s Backyard, the best restaurant in Key West.

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