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Getting To Beautiful Marco Island to Everglades National Park

How Do You Get To Marco Island Florida?

On the doorstep of Naples, Florida is the the Marco Island to Everglades National Park corridor which may be the most stunningly beautiful area of Florida. There sits an island in the Gulf of Mexico called Marco Island. 

Just outside the island is the ecosystem called The Everglades. In fact all the land surrounding the island is part of The Everglades.

Directions To Marco Island Florida

Marco Island is located in southwest Florida in Collier County, Florida.

Directions to Marco Island can be confusing but simply stated, the directions are:

  • From Tampa to Marco Island it is a little over 3 hours on I-75 south to Collier Blvd. near Naples. It is about 187 miles.
  • From Naples Florida, take Route 41 (the Tamiami Trail) to Collier Blvd couth. Total distance is about 18 miles.
  • From Miami to Marco Island take I-75 west to Collier Blvd. about 2.25 hours and 107 miles. Via Tamiami Trail (Rt. 41), it is about the same.
  • From Punta Gorda to Marco Island, it is under 1.5 hours and 87 miles.

Where is Marco Island Florida on a Map

where is marco island on a map - Directions to Marco Island - Marco Island to Everglades
Marco Island on the Florida map. Marco Island is on Florida’s southwest Gulf Coast.
If you look at Marco Island on a map of southern Florida, you will see Marco Island is on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The island is in southwest Florida. Cities nearby Marco Island include Naples, Florida, Everglades City and Ft. Myers further north.

Of the 22 square miles considered to be Marco Island, about half is island and the other half is water. Perfect for one of the best places to vacation in Florida.

Inhabited by about 17,000 people, Marco Island’s population swells almost double in the fall and winter months when tourists and part-time residents head for warm weather.

Goodland Marco Island History

Marco Island to Everglades corridor was inhabited by the Calusa Indians until their disappearance in the 19th century due to war with Spain and diseases carried to Florida by Europeans. 

The Calusa built their huts on mounds of shells to reach high ground and drainage. Artifacts and a Calusa village recreation can be found at the Marco Island Historical Museum.

It is notable that much of Marco Island’s history was started with the Calusa on Goodland, Florida just off the east coast of Marco Island.

Goodland has not seen the growth that Marco Island has experienced – the locals are happy about that!

How do you get to Marco Island Florida - alligator
How do you get to Marco Island Florida to see these guys? Check out the Map of Marco Island.

Marco Island Everglades Tour

If there is just one thing you choose to do on Marco Island, make it a tour of the most beautiful and unusual ecosystem in the wester hemisphere – The Everglades.

There is flora and fauna not seen anywhere else in the country. From the prehistoric alligator to saltwater-based crocodiles that coexist in parts of The Everglades, to blooming florals that stun the senses.

things you need when flying

Here are some recommendations for tours of The Everglades from Marco Island:

Airboat Ride and Nature Walk with Naturalist

10,000 Islands Everglades Boat Tour

Dolphin and Manatee Tour of the Everglades

2 Hour Dolphin & Birding Tour from Marco Island

Marco Island Family Resorts and Hotels 

Marco Island to Everglades Marriott Resort Tiki Bar
Marco Island Marriott Tiki Bar is right on the wide beach in the Gulf front of the hotel.

Numerous hotels and family resorts line Collier Ave. on the Island. Most are beachfront on the Gulf with spectacular sunsets. The wide beaches have soft sand. Our favorite along the beach is the Marriott Beach Resort, probably the most prominent on the beach.

The Marriott has a great Florida tiki bar named Kane’s and a restaurant on the beach called Quinn’s. Both are casual fun places.

Inside the hotel, there are several other restaurants and bars along with a large entertainment/gaming area in their newest tower. Marriott is large and comfortable with a magnificent beach.

Collectively, the Marriott Resort amenities make Marco Island one of the best places to road trip in Florida.

Our second best resort for the family is the Hilton Resort, a few steps west of the Marriott. The Hilton is closer to many of the best restaurants on the island and has a good program for the kids.

Their beach is comparable to the Marriott.

Things To Do On Marco Island to Everglades

Snook Inn, Marco Island one of the best places to road trip in Florida
Snook Inn is a must-visit on your Florida island adventure.

On your Florida island vacation to Marco Island, you must visit the Snook Inn. Located on a main waterway encircling Marco Island, the Snook Inn has dozens of secure docks for their boat-loving crowd.

Food at the Snook Inn is above average, but normal Florida fare. Normal is plenty of local seafood. We can attest to entertainment that people enjoy starting at about 2 PM each afternoon.

Hiking, boating, bicycling, sailing, paddleboarding and laying are among the many things to do on Marco Island.

One of the most popular things to do on Marco Island is fishing. Both onshore and offshore fishing charters are available. We highly recommend backcountry fishing trips for redfish, snook and speckled trout.

For entertainment try an airboat in the Everglades (30 minutes away), or fishing charter boat from Marco, and various watercraft rentals and sailing options.

Other restaurants and bars around the Marriott include Marco Prime, NeNe’s Kitchen (breakfast), Marriott Lobby Bar for sushi and The Salty Dog.

Naples, a few miles away, has exceptional upscale shopping. The shops at Marco Island are also quite good. 

Marco Island to Everglades - Marco Island Map
The beaches are wide along the Gulf of Mexico in front of many resorts.

Marco Island Hurricane Ian

We hope this section can be deleted soon, but Hurricane Ian did some minor damage to Marco Island. The most significant damage we found was at the Snook Inn on Marco Island.

As the time of our latest visit in August 2023, the Snook Inn was continuing to make repairs. All other damage appears to have been completed.

Is Marco Island Safe for A Family Vacation

Is Marco Island Safe? Marco is very safe/ Like most Florida islands, there is very little crime. We can only assume people realize the limited access to most islands and find other places for criminal activity.
Florida is a very safe state. For a list of the safest places in Florida, you can find it here.

Marco Island Could Be the Ultimate Place in Florida for a Family Vacation

We have enjoyed Marco Island for many years. The Marco Island to Everglades corridor offers so many opportunities for safe travel in Florida coupled with so much to do for families in Florida.
This island offers everything you could ask for. Wide Gulf beaches, tropical temperatures, great resorts, lots of things to do and The Everglades just minutes away. Pack your bags and head to Marco Island and The Everglades. 
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