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133 Fun Florida Keys Mile Markers and Map of Florida Keys

Getting to Mile Marker 0 Key West

Mile markers in the Florida Keys are critical to finding locations in the forty-plus islands. Addresses do exist, but many are hard to see or have been destroyed by storms.

We update Florida Keys mile markers on each of our trips. Our last update was on August 2, 2023.

Florida Keys mile markers in the Florida keys map - mile marker 0 Key West
Your destination is mile marker 0 in Key West Florida.

The Florida Department of Transportation maintains green and white mile marker signs along both sides of the road. The signs start at MM 0 Key West and increase every mile as US 1 winds its way east.

Where do the mile markers in the Florida Keys start? 

For our purposes, we start at MM126.5. This is the junction of US 1 and Card Sound Road as you head into the Keys. Card Sound Road also ends up in Key Largo but takes a circuitous route.

It should be noted that Alabama Jacks, a rustic Florida restaurant, is located along Card Sound Road. There is also a turn-off to an exclusive country club called Ocean Reef Club before getting into the Keys.

Note that different points between locations are noted in tenths of a mile. Therefore, as noted above, our beginning point is .5 of a mile from MM126. These are our calculations – you won’t find signs in tenths of a mile.

Where are the Florida Keys? As you can see from the Map of Florida Keys, they are the southern protrusion of some 800 islands from the southeast corner of Florida.

Key Largo, the largest of the Keys, is 66 miles south of Miami.

Map of  Florida Keys with Mile Markers

Florida Keys Map with mile markers of the Florida Keys
Map of the Florida Keys with Mile Markers.

Understanding the  Florida Keys Mile Markers

If we say there is a location at 66.2, that means it is .2 of a mile from the 66 MM sign. Since we start with the higher numbers, it would also mean the location is .8 of a mile from MM67.

If you do see an address, the odd numbers are located on the ocean side. Even numbers are on the Florida Bay side (aka, gulfside).

You can determine mileage by simply adding or subtracting numbers. For instance, the 7-mile bridge begins at MM40. That is 40 miles from MM0 at Key West. The other end of the bridge is MM47 – strangely, the 7-mile bridge is 7 miles long!

Note that things occasionally change. Fixed bridges may be replaced with draw bridges.

things you need when flying

Businesses may go out of business or change their name. We are publishing this for May 1, 2023. Updates will be made to the mile markers in the Florida Keys as we return.

How to Use the Mile Markers of the Florida Keys

You can’t possibly keep track of all the locations noted here. The Florida Keys Mile Markers guide will keep you from getting lost. We also highlight in orange those places the Florida Travel Blog recommends as you travel the Keys.

What are the names of the Florida Keys? There are over 100 names in the link above, but there are many islands that have local names that are not on many maps.

Many names are on the mile markers of the Florida Keys below, but not all.


Florida Keys Mile markers and Florida Keys Map, 104.2 Caribbean Club
Caribbean Club is famous for the movie Key Largo location. At MM104.1

126.0 = End/Begin two-lane 18 miles of limited access road to Key Largo.

107.2 = Jewfish Creek drawbridge. Exit/enter Key Largo. (Begin “18-Mile Stretch” If northeast bound from Keys.)

Key Largo Mile Marker 106

106.5 = Card Sound Bridge turnoff to/from Ocean Reef via CR 905 Oceanside. Also, an alternate route to Homestead at MM127.
106.0 = Key Largo Chamber of Commerce, gulfside.

105.4 = Winn-Dixie Shopping Center, gulfside.
104.1 = Caribbean Club, bay front. The set for the 1948 movie Key Largo was modeled for this location.
104.0 = Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill, bay front.
103.4 = Marvin Adams Waterway Bridge (The Cut), a canal that connects the Atlantic to Florida Bay.
103.8 = Opal Reefhouse Resort & Marina, Breezer’s for sunset. Bayfront.
102.8 = John Pennekamp State Park entrance, oceanfront. 

mile markers in the florida Keys - the Opal resort
The Opal Reefhouse Resort at MM103.8 in Key Largo is a great place for sunset pictures.

99.5 = Turn-off for Skippers Restaurant on oceanside.

97.5 = Shell World.
96.5 = Baker’s Cay Resort.
95.3 = Key Largo Ocean Resorts, ocean side.
95.2 = Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary building.

94.8 = Turn-off for Snappers Waterfront Restaurant oceanside.
93.8 = Florida Keys Wild Bird Center, bayside.
91.3 = Tavernier Town Shopping Center, Mariners Hospital.

91.0 = Tavernier Creek Bridge; enter Islamorada; Tavernier Creek Marina, Plantation Marina, gulfside.
90.1 = End 4-lane highway if going southwest.
88.5 = Plantation Key Government Center, Sheriff, Courthouse

88.0 = Marker 88 – Tiki Bar with good food and view.(bayside)                            87.0 = Founders Park (Plantation Yacht Harbor), gulfside
86.8 = Betsy the Lobster (must see for pictures) – Treasure Village Gift Shop, gulfside.
86.0 = Weigh station for trucks, oceanside.

Islamorada Mile Marker 91

85.5 = Snake Creek Draw Bridge; Coast Guard Station, gulfside Enter Windley Key.
85.3 = Windley Key State Fossil Reef Geological Site, gulfside.

84.3 = Islamorada Visitor’s Center.
84.2 = Theater of the Sea and New Post Card Inn & Tiki, Charter Fishing, oceanfront.
84.0 = Whale Harbor Bridge.
83.4 = Whale Harbor Inn, oceanside.

83.0 = History of Diving Museum.

Mile markers in the Florida Keys Theater of the sea Islamorada
The Theater of the Sea is a great family way to learn about sea creatures and dolphins at MM84.2.

82.5 = Mangrove Mikes, great breakfast and lunch, bayside.
82.2 = Islamorada Chamber of Commerce Red Caboose.

82.1 =  Florida Keys History & Discovery Center – museum and detail about the Keys.(oceanside)

82.0 = Lorilei Tiki Bar & Restaurant – one of the best places in Islamorada to watch the sunset. (bayside)
81.5 = Cheeca Lodge, oceanside.
81.3 = Worldwide Sportsman; great shopping, gulfside.
81.3 = Green Turtle Inn, oceanside.

80.0 = Roadside park, gulfside; Amara Cay Resort, oceanside.
79.8 = Tea Table Relief Bridge. Bud and Mary’s, oceanside.

79.1 = Tea Table Channel Bridge.
78.0 = Indian Key Bridge.

77.1 = Lignumvitae Bridge.
77.0 = Robbie’s Marina, gulf front. Feed the Tarpon and shops.

73.6 = Boy Scouts Sea Base, gulfside; Calusa Cove Marina. Oceanside.
73.4 = Anne’s Beach, Oceanside.
72.1 = Apogee of Channel #2 bridge.
71.8 = Craig Key.

71.4 = Apogee of Channel #5 bridge.
67.5 = Long Key State Park, Oceanside.

Florida Keys mile markers, Map of Florida Keys - Tranquility Bay marathon picture mm 48.5 -
Tranquility Bay Resort is a perfect place to relax – very private on the bayside at MM48.5.

66.0 = Outdoor Resorts campground, bayside.
61.2 = Tom’s Harbor Cut Bridge.
61.1 = Entrance to Duck Key; Hawk’s Cay Resort, Oceanside.
60.6 = Tom’s Harbor Channel Bridge.

Marathon Mile Marker 54

59.9 = Enter/leave City of Marathon.
58.9 = Grassy Key, Dolphin Research Center.
56.2 = Curry Hammock State Park.
54.5 = Begin/end 4-lane.
53.5 = Entrance to Village of Key Colony Beach, Oceanside. Key Colony is a large development of homes.
53.1 = Vaca Cut Bridge, entering the business district of Marathon next 8 miles.

52.0 = Marathon County Airport, bayside.


Note: MM50 is considered halfway through the mile markers in the Florida Keys on the way to Key West!


50.0 = Museum of Natural History, Crane Hammock, gulfside.

49.0 = Stuffed Pig – homestyle breakfast on a budget!

48.7 = Fisherman’s Hospital, Oceanside; Sheriffs substation, Oceanside; Fla Highway Patrol.

48.5 = Tranquility Bay Resort, Marathon.

48.5 = The Turtle Hospital
48.0 = Coast Guard, gulfside; turnoff to Boot Key.

mile marker 36.8 Bahia Honda state park picture
Bahia Honda State Park at MM 36.8 has facilities on both the gulfside and the ocean side. One of the best parks in the Keys.

47.5 = Knight’s Key.

47.1 = Sunset Grille – cool, large tiki bar waterfront.  right at the base of the 7-mile bridge.
47.0 = Begin/end of Seven Mile Bridge, Marathon City limits. To Pigeon Key (old 7-Mile Bridge), gulfside. Pigeon Key visitor’s center.
44.8 = Pigeon Key, gulf side which can be visited through tour busses near Sunset Inn at MM47.2 entrance.
41.7 = End of original steel truss railroad bridge and begin concrete arch bridge
40.0 = End/begin Seven Mile Bridge.
39.9 = Veterans Memorial Park, oceanside.
39.5 = Missouri-Little Duck Channel Bridge.
39.0 = Ohio-Missouri Channel Bridge.
38.7 = Ohio- Bahia Honda Channel Bridge.
37.0 = Begin/end a short section of 4-lane highway.
36.8 = Bahia Honda State Park entrance, oceanside.
36.0 = Bahia Honda Bridge (4-lanes) old railroad camelback bridge, oceanside.
35.0 = End/begin 4-lane.
34.1 = Camp Sawyer, Boy Scouts, oceanside.
34.0 = West Summerland Key.
33.0 = Spanish Harbor Bridge west end.

Big Pine Key Mile Marker 31

31.0 = Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce, Old F.E.C. railway marker, oceanside.
30.2 = Big Pine Key traffic stop light; gulf to Key Deer Rd. and Wilder Road. Shopping Ctr, Prison, Preserve, No Name Key turnoff, gulfslde. Continue to No Name Pub, if you can find it.

Florida keys mile markers key deer at MM 30.2.
These Key Deer are about the size of a large dog. We found these behind a supermarket on Big Pine Key at MM30.2.

29.3 = North Pine Channel Bridge.
28.1 = Little Torch Key.
28.0 = Torch Channel Bridge.
27.7 = Torch-Ramrod Channel Bridge.

27.5 = Boondocks, restaurant, mini-golf, campground.
26.6 = South Pine Channel Bridge, east end of bridge, oceanside.
27.0 = Ramrod Key.
26.0 = Niles Channel Bridge, middle.
25.5 = East end of bridge, oceanside.
24.0 = Summerland Key Sea Base.
23.5 = Kemp Channel Bridge, east end of bridge, oceanside.
21.0 = Cudjoe Key Subdivision on oceanside. U.S. Navy “Fat Albert” site, gulfside.
20.2 = Bow Channel Bridge to Sugarloaf Key.
20.0 = Mangrove Momma’s gulfside, KOA Campground oceanside.
19.3 = Crane Blvd. to gulfside, Sugarloaf School.
18.6 = Upper Sugarloaf Key.
18.8 = Park Channel Bridge.
17.8 = North Harris Channel Bridge.
17.6 = Harris Gap Channel Bridge.
17.5 = Lower Sugarloaf Key.
16.3 = Harris Channel Bridge.
15.8 = Lower Sugarloaf Channel Bridge.
14.6 = Saddlebunch #2 Bridge.
14.3 = Saddlebunch #3 Bridge.

Hogfish Grill on Stock island at MM 4.5 turn-off
Hogfish sandwich is the best at the Hogfish Bar & Grill on Stock Island at MM4.5. By the time you get here, you will be hungry!

13.1 = Saddlebunch #4 Bridge.
12.8 = Saddlebunch #5 Bridge.
11.4 = Shark Channel Bridge.
11.2 = Shark Key.
11.0 = Big Coppitt Boat Ramp, oceanside.
10.5 = Seaside Park, Firehouse; SR 941 AKA Old Boca Chica Road, Oceanside, to Geiger Key Marina and Restaurant.
10.4 = Porpoise Point entrance, gulfside.
10.0 = Big Coppitt Key.
9.7 = Rockland Channel Bridge.
9.2 = East Rockland Key.
8.5 = Tourist welcome center.
8.4 = Begin/end 4-lanes.
8.0 = NAS Boca Chica Overpass, entrance to N S, ocean. Turnoff from both directions US-1.
7.0 = Back gate to NAS, closed, oceanside.
6.1 = Boca Chica bridge, middle.

Stock Island Mile Marker 5

5.2 = Key Haven, ocean turnoff.
5.0 = Stock Island, gulf turnout to Jr. College Road, Golf Course on bayside.

4.6 =Turn-off to Hogfish Bar & Grill, on Stock Island, best hogfish sandwich anywhere!

4.5 = Hurricane Hole, restaurant and rentals.

Key West Mile Markers

4.1 = Cow Key Channel Bridge and bear right for Key West and US 1.
3.9 = Traffic light. End/begin 4-lane. Go left for Flagler Street; Airport; Martello Towers, Higgs Beach and Casa Marina. Bear right for US 1,  N. Roosevelt; Truman Avenue, Fort Zachary Taylor and Duval Street district.
3.0 = Sears Town shopping plaza.
2.3 = Salt Run Bridge, N. Roosevelt, Key West.
1.0 = About Frances Street.

welcome mile marker 0 Key West - the first of the Mile Markers in the Florida Keys
Welcome to Key West at MM0.

0.5 = Turn-off to follow US 1 on Whitehead Street.

0.2 = Turn right on Whitehead Street for Hemingway’s House, Moon Dog’s Cafe and the Green Parrot at .2
Mile Marker 0 Key West =, Monroe County Seat; Key West Post Office. The Greem Parrot is a block away to celebrate getting to mile marker 0 Key West.

The southernmost mile marker in the United States, Key West Florida!

Additions to Florida Keys Mile Markers

Got more important mile markers in the Florida Keys? Send them to us. We will add your mile marker to the list and add the destination on the Map of Florida Keys.

More Key West Information

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