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Tasteful Mount Dora Florida – One of Florida’s Best Small Towns

Mount Dora Florida - Small Town Worth Visiting

When you see a place starting with the name “Mount”, you immediately think of places like Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Rainier. These famous “mounts” are thousands of feet in the air. You won’t get a nosebleed at Mount Dora at a mere 184 feet above sea level. 

The generosity of calling the town a “mount” comes from its position overlooking beautiful Lake Dora. Of course, considering Florida’s highest point is only 345 feet above sea level, Mount Dora Florida is over halfway there.

Is Mount Dora Worth Visiting?

Mount Dora has the charm of one of Florida’s best small towns. Founded in 1884 by settlers looking for a homestead that had fresh water, plenty of forests for wildlife and high ground for building, Mount Dora was the perfect location. 

The town overlooks Lake Dora and the view is stunning. There is an abundance of aquatic activities on and around the lake including the occasional seaplane landing for lunch or dinner. Nearby is the Seaplane Capital of Florida, Tavares.

To answer the question, Is Mount Dora Worth Visiting, the answer is a resounding yes. The charm of the city, the quaint shops, good restaurants and astounding views make Mount Dora worth visiting.

Shops in Downtown Mount Dora Florida

In Mount Dora, you will find a 12-square-block area of shops. The variety includes antique stores, art galleries, apparel, jewelry and a ton of places to eat and drink.

If shop-hopping is a passion of yours, Mount Dora is the place to go. The quaint specialty shops peppering streets through the town will amuse your artistic flair. Driftwood art seems to be a common theme.

The restaurants in Mount Dora offer many different ethnic foods. The selections include German, Cuban, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Mediterranean and even a British tearoom! This array of eateries for a small town is nothing less than amazing.

Of the ones we have tried, Pisces Rising on West 4th Ave gets our vote. The menu includes a collection of seafood and American classics with flavorful twists. Named after the zodiac sign, Pisces delivers some unique items like Fried Shrimp Mac & Cheese, Brisket Poutine, and a mouthwatering French Chicken dish.

As one of Florida’s best small towns, Mount Dora has numerous events and festivals during the year. Some of them include:

  • Renninger’s Antique Extravaganza
  • Scottish Highland Festival
  • Annual Arts Festival
  • Annual Blueberry Festival
  • Annual Bicycle Festival 
  • Christmas Light Up
  • Children’s Snow in the Park

These are just a few events. Contact the Mount Dora Chamber of Commerce for a full list of dates and times. Call 352-383-2165 or visit www.MountDora.com 

Where is Mount Dora in Florida on the Map

Mount Dora is a perfect day trip in Florida. Mount Dora is about 45 minutes northwest of Orlando, 45 minutes southeast of The Villages and one hour and forty-five minutes east of Tampa. Tampa is 100 miles from Mount Dora.

The drive will take you through some of the most picturesque lakes in Florida. North, south, east or west, whichever direction you come from, you will find lakes surrounding Mount Dora.

Mount Dora Florida Located in the Heart of Florida

Mount Dora is located in lake country. The Map of Lake Dora will show the numerous lakes surrounding this town.

Florida has a number of small towns that have kept their identity and quaint buildings, culture and atmosphere. Mount Dora fits that description.

Mount Dora Florida Chamber of Commerce describes the city as “Someplace Special”, we agree! In fact, we believe Mount Dora is one of Florida’s best small towns.

Mount Dora where is mount dora located - is mount dora worth visiting
We Agree - Mount Dora is "Someplace Special"
Is Mount Dora worth visiting - where is mount dora located in florida
Evening Starting to Shade Lake Dora
Mont dora florida - is mount dora worth visiting
Vincent Van Gough's painting Starry Night is recreated on a house as you enter Mount Dora from the west on Rt. 441.
Mount Dora Shops day trip
Sign Posts Around Mount Dora Dirct You To The Shops and Restaurants
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