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Myakka River State Park – A Florida Road Trip by Photographs

Myakka River State Park Has Everything

Nothing to do? How about a 58-square-mile state park with a river, a lake, camping, hiking, bicycling, picnicking, bird watching, fishing, kayaking and airboat rides. Now, that is a Florida road trip! In fact, at Myakka River State Park, you have the opportunity to see unique birds, wildlife and fauna all in one location. Stunning views are everywhere.

We could tell you all about it, but we choose to tell a photographic story in a blog format.

Many of the roads within the Myakka State Park are canopy covered. This offers a shaded bicycle ride for visitors.

This Snowy Egret is looking for a meal in part of the vast prairie waters of the park.

This Wild Coffee plant is just one of the many species of fauna found within the park. The wide range of environments from forests to prairies offer many opportunities to view different types of plant life.

The forest floor can be viewed from the tower and walkways. This different perspective can get interesting when wildlife goes about their business below.

This young Blue Heron walking the water’s edge for a snack. As one of the oldest state parks in Florida, the habitat is mature. This means wildlife and birds have been making Myakka home for many decades.

The bird walkway built out into the prairie near the lake offers photographers stunning views of their prey. For a Florida road trip, it is rare you can interact with so many creatures in one location.

Tricolored herons aren’t easily found in normal coastal waters. This one was ready to fly.

If this were ground hog day, this Snowy Egret was casting quite a shadow.

We love the towers at Myakka State Park. One of the reasons this Florida road trip is special.

If you are on a Florida road trip, there must be an alligator somewhere! Myakka River State Park has a river running through it and a lake. Perfect home for alligators.


Florida has Alligators in every county in the state. They may be the most sought-after photographic target in the state. The beauty of Myakka is that everything is natural. These aren’t photos of penned-up wildlife. It’s just you and the habitat.

We leave you with a photo we did not take. This is the Roseate Spoonbill, one of the cherished photographs. This closeup is difficult to get. The Roseate was more common 25 years ago, but more difficult to find in Florida today.

Photo courtesy Amy Edger
Photo courtesy Amy Edger
Photo courtesy Amy Edger
Photo courtesy Amy Edger
Photo courtesy Amy Edger
Photo courtesy Amy Edger
Photo courtesy Amy Edger
Photo courtesy Amy Edger
Photo courtesy Amy Edger
Myakka Alligator
Photo courtesy Amy Edger
Photo 251819617 / Myakka State Park © Ben Graham | Dreamstime.com

Myakka River State Park Makes a Great Florida Road Trip

Myakka River State Park is one of the largest and oldest Florida State Parks. This park is a fun Florida road trip. The location is just south of Sarasota off I-75. Easily a 90-minute trip from Tampa or Clearwater, and about the same from Orlando.

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