Traveling to Florida – Our Eight Best Places to Visit in Florida.

Traveling to Florida - 8 Places to Visit Florida

With the pent-up demand for travel after the stay-at-home guidelines during the pandemic, Florida is a major target for travelers. Florida Travel Log has documented eight places to visit Florida we love all over the state. Now it’s time to pick our places to visit Florida for a weekend or more that don’t include the obvious – Disney World. Disney World and the surrounding attractions collect over 60 million travelers per year! There are hundreds of sites that detail the Orlando area. We focus on lesser known, but just as interesting places to go in Florida.

So, here goes our best of the best based on travelers’ ability to get there and have a memorable getaway!

KEY WEST and the Keys – there is no place in the country that has a bigger 24-hour party than Key West. Perhaps not the ultimate destination for young children, but certainly a place for grown-ups who want to act like children again! Read more here….

SANIBEL and CAPTIVA – want to relax on miles of beaches, eat some great food and collect all the shells you can carry? Just fly into Ft. Myers and head across the bridge to the white sandy beaches of these barrier islands. Read more here….

CLEARWATER BEACH – ranked among everyone’s top ten beach communities in Florida, Clearwater Beach has the most beautiful white powdery sand of any place in the state. Plenty to do here including the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Read more here….

ST. AUGUSTINE – just a few miles south of Jacksonville, this historic town will combine historic significance with great food and all the scenes of the Atlantic Ocean. Read more here….

AMELIA ISLAND – this much fought-over island in the northeast corner of the state offers fun, unique shopping, beaches and history to make a fun vacation getaway. Fernandina Beach is the center of activity on this resort-laden island. Read more here….

MARCO ISLAND – if you want something a little more upscale and laid back, Marco Island will be perfect for a reclusive island place to visit Florida. Wide beaches, good restaurants and water activities throughout the island. Plenty of excellent restaurants and a wide beach for the sun worshipers. Read more here….

THE EVERGLADES – a nature lover’s paradise. The Everglades has a wealth of opportunities to see wildlife and natural beauty not available anywhere else in the country. You can stay in the comfort of a hotel at night in Naples or Marco Island, but head into the wilderness during the day. Camping areas abound if the rugged life calls you. Don’t forget the Loop Road adventure. Read more here….

ST. GEORGE ISLAND – nestled in a remote panhandle paradise, St. George Island is the ultimate way to get away from the doldrums of daily life. Beautiful remote Gulf beaches are perfect for a chair and umbrella. Fishing, biking, hiking and relaxing are part of your menu of things to do along with shore birds that share your vacation. Read more here….

These are eight of our places to visit Florida. Yes, we know the are places like the Sarasota area, Naples, Cocoa Beach and dozens more. But planning is part of the fun and Florida Travel Log will always have some offbeat ideas that can add a unique adventure or two.

Common sight on Loop Road in the Everglades.
The serenity of St. George Island.
Key West, The Journey
Fun is alive in Key West!
Sanibel - Captiva
Sanibel has some of the best shelling in Florida!
White Sandy Beaches on Clearwater Beach
Wide white sandy beaches on Clearwater Beach.
Marco Island - A cut above!
Palace Saloon Amelia Island
The oldest bar in Florida is on Amelia Island. The Palace Saloon in Ferdnadina Beach.

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