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Southwest Florida – Not a Place to Be

Special Notice

They Will Be Back! Southwest Florida Needs Our Prayers

Southwest Florida - Not a place to beWe know much of southwest Florida was devastated by hurricane Ian. This is one of our favorite areas to write about, but now is not the time for travel in that area. Here is what we know;

  • Over 125 people were killed when Ian swept across Florida’s southwest coast.
  • From Venice to Naples water and wind destroyed homes, businesses and lives.
  • Ft. Myers Beach and Sanibel were hit particularly hard. Almost total destruction.
  • Even places many miles inland saw flooding, trees were blown down and electricity was out for days.
  • Still today there are areas that are impassible for tourists.

We have written about Venice, Punta Gorda, Boca Grande, Ft. Myers beach, Sanibel/Captive, Cabbage Key, Naples and many more locations. They are not ready for tourists of any kind and certainly don’t want sightseers.

What they do need is help in the recovery effort, Check the links below if you want to assist in these emergency efforts.

We are Floridians. We will recover like we have from many weather incidents before.

Florida Travel Blog will keep you informed in the months and years ahead.

Ways to help –

The American Red Cross

The Florida Disaster Fund

United Way Hurricane Ian Relief Fund



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