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Stunning St. George Island Florida Beach – One of Florida’s Best Beaches

What is St. George Island Florida Known For?

Driving along the “Forgotten Coast” of Florida’s panhandle on Gulf hugging Rt.98, you will see an island about four miles offshore between Carrabelle, and Apalachicola, Florida. On that island is St. George Island Beach.

While the island is far from uninhabited, St. George Island is devoid of high-rises, infinite t-shirt shops and congested traffic. The one attraction is a lighthouse that guided maritime traders years ago.

What is St. George Island Florida Generally Known For?

Simple stated St. George Island in Florida is known for;
  • Relaxed beautiful beach
  • Serene setting for watching nature
  • Lack of high-rises
  • Lighthouse in the center of the island
  • Clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico

You couldn’t ask for much more in one of Florida’s best beaches on an island.

The four-mile-long bridge to the island was completed in 2004 and has survived several hurricanes since. 

How Long is St. George Island

As you venture onto this 26-mile-long strip of land, you realize this is not your normal beach town atmosphere. The residential homes are built along their private beaches. As you drive east, the homes stop and you head into Dr. Julian Bruce St. George Island State Park.

At is widest point, St, George Island is only one mile wide.

The beach may be the best beach in Florida.

How Long is the Bridge to St. George Island

The Bridge to St, George Island from Eastpoint is 4 miles long. Prior to 1965 a ferry was the only way to get to the island.
A smaller older bridge was built from Apalachicola but was subsequently closed due to structural issues.
The current bridge was opened in 2004. This was a boost to the economy of downtown St. George Island.

Another of Florida’s Wonderful State Parks

St. George Island Park has the feeling of a windswept island in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico – and that is what it is! Along the south shore is a nine-mile beach that is nothing like the beaches you see in commercialized areas.

The wind whips the sea oats and sand to form something new each day. The gulf laps the sandy white shore dumping shells and small invertebrates with each wave.

St. George Island Beach is remote enough to dream of the Spanish explorers who walked the same path as visitors do today. Their ships crossed the Gulf looking for riches in a new world. 

St George Island was a refuge for explorers, some of whom wrecked along the northern Gulf shores in this area.

It s easy to see how after five centuries, little has changed the absolute beauty of St. George Island Beach.

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At the west end of the island a few residents are year round but the vast majority of people you encounter are tourists or people who spend their winters here.

St. George Island Beach - how long is st. george island
The lighthouse on St. George Island was a guiding light for sailors.
St. George Island Beach one of the best beaches in Florida - how long is st. george island florida
This walkway through the sea oats leads to a gorgeous view of the Gulf.
One of the 6 best islands to visit in Florida - St. George Island Beach - how long is the bridge to st. george island from eastpoint florida
St. George Island Beach shells are common as Mother Nature drops her treasures on the sand.
St. George
The far east end of St. George Isaland is the best place for fishing.
St George Island Florida
St. George Island Beach
Facts About Florida Islands2

An Island In the Gulf – Stunning St. George Beach Island

Along the east end of the beach, you can no longer see the man-made structures. Just features that mother nature made are visible. 

Gulf dependent birds are sometimes your only companion on the beach at St. George Island State Park. Most of the time the relatively calm waters of the Gulf will provide the perfect swimming, fishing and kayaking venue.

If you like camping, hiking, biking and paddle boarding, the St. George Island State Park provides it all, including a special fishing area on the very east end of the island.

If you are looking for restaurants and bars, they will be a couple miles west on another part of the island. Bring a picnic and your own cooler for a totally relaxing day.

The real focus of the island is on the St. George Island Beach. This little patch of paradise has gotten national notice as one of the best beaches in the country. It could also be the best beach in Florida.

St. George Island is located along the bend in Florida’s panhandle. Rt. 98 takes travelers along the water’s edge. The views from the road can be spectacular.

The island deserves a high ranking as one of Florida’s Best Beaches. We rank St. George Island Beach up there in the top five of Florida’s best beaches.

Hurricanes and St. George Island Florida

As an island four miles out in the Gulf of Mexico, hurricanes and storms have always been a problem for the island.

St. George gets evacuated quite frequently when hurricane warnings are issued for the area.

The good news is that building codes and construction materials have improved to the point that the island no longer suffers major destruction.

For a list of hurricanes in Florida and the hurricanes impacting St. George Island Florida, visit the Hurricane History of Florida.

Map of St. George Island Florida

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