New Florida Cases 9-16-2020

Covid-19 Update 9-16-2020

By executive order, bars in Florida are allowed to open to 50% of INDOOR capacity. The notable exception to the order were three counties; Dade (Miami), Broward, Palm Beach.These three counties have been the source of over 42% of Florida’s total number of cases according to the state’s website.
The order limits service only those people seated. Patrons still must were a mask while entering, leaving or moving around an establishment.

Covid-19 Update 9-8-2020 – Trending Better

Great News – Trend Sliding Down! While new cases continue to fall, the best news is the falling death rate and fewer hospitalizations. Hopefully, the learning curve on how to treat the coronavirus is improving. Another possible reason death rates are falling is that the average age infected is also going down. Younger people face less severe symptoms than older adults.