Best Restaurants and Food in Key West

Best Food in Key West

Key West is known for it’s Bars! Most bars aren’t known for their food. Sloppy Joe’s is a slight exception, since they serve Key West pink shrimp. These shrimp are only found in certain deep waters around the Keys. The pinks have a mild, sweet flavor and a pink shell. Once you have tried them, you will know the flavor. Many restaurants serve Key West pinks, but ask to be certain. I consider a restaurant’s choice to serve an exceptional shrimp a positive for their willingness to spend a little extra for a special product.

Fort Jefferson Key West Dry Tortugas

Fort Jefferson – Dry Tortugas – One of Florida’s Top Historical Attractions

It is hard to believe that our ancestors in the 1800’s could build a fort on an island 70 miles west of Key West. The island had no fresh water. Not only did they build a fort they built the largest masonry structure in the western hemisphere. It took over 16 million bricks shipped in from Pensacola and over thirty years, but they built Fort Jefferson

Key West Buoy Florida

The Florida Keys and Key West – A Traveler’s Primer

The Keys are now the playground of Florida (and much of the world). The islands offer world class fishing, the best reefs in the northern hemisphere for diving, resorts renowned for their hospitality, beaches everywhere, entertainment, and some of the most famous restaurants and bars in the world. Cruise ships arrive daily in Key West dumping thousands of world travelers for the day, and expanding the international allure of the island.