The Villages Florida

The Villages 2022 – fastest growing community in Florida makes a good day trip.

The Villages have three main squares that are the center of activity and entertainment. The oldest square is Spanish Springs located in the north. The largest square is probably Lake Sumter Landing located on, you guessed it, Lake Sumter! Brownwood Square is the newest, but fastest growing of the three located on State Route 44 in the southern part of the Villages. And, not yet completed is the newest region south of Rt. 44 (Fenney and The Village of Southern Oaks are two developments started) which eventually will contain a fourth town square.

Floridas Nature Coast

The Nature Coast of Florida

There is a lot of exquisite scenery in Florida. The tall green forests of northern Florida, the palm studded coasts in the southwest, the blue waters where the Gulf meets the Atlantic Ocean in the Keys, the magnificence of the St. John’s River in the northeast to the crystal clear springs throughout the state – just amazing sights. However, if there is one region that convinces you that God is an unequaled artist, it would be the Nature Coast of Florida.

Amelia Island Florida

Amelia Island – Most Fought Over Island in History, but Great Fun Today!

The beauty and security of the island is why the privateer, supposedly working for the Mexican government, but actually a pirate, Louis-Michel Aury ruled the island for a period in the early 1800’s until turning it over to Americans in 1817. While the newly formed country of the United States was interested in controlling all of Florida, the Spanish laid claim to the land between the Atlantic Ocean to near New Orleans collectively then known then as Florida.