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Travel Gift Ideas for Her – The Lady Traveler

A Travel Guide for Her - For Wherever She Goes

travel gift ideas for her
Over 50 travel gift ideas for her. Women who travel expect the luxury of home while being on the road.

Listen, we all know women are good shoppers?

So we decided that gifts for women need to be beyond the ordinary. When she travels to Florida or other locations, she will have the latest styles, ideas, and most recent ideas and innovations.

Florida Travel Blog has women picking out gifts that have been discretely chosen for other women who travel – but there is a twist! Products must stand up to the rigors of frequent moving, standing and sitting. Comfort is a high priority.

There is one more thing we did – all of the gift ideas for women were first shown to men. They had to approve each clothing item for appeal! That’s right men approved gift ideas for women.

Items are chosen without regard to price, social status or location. Many are selected because they may apply to special destinations in Florida, but can certainly be used anywhere they choose.

Many products may not be suitable for traveling the deepest regions in the Alaskan tundra or the deepest swamps of Florida. On the other hand, some gift ideas, like a stylish credit card protector for women that protects encrypted data on credit cards, will work anywhere.

Whether she plans on the beaches of Florida or the ski slopes of Utah, we have gift ideas that work for the women in today’s world.

If you need to gift for that special lady who is going on a trip, you have come to the right place!

Categories of Florida Travel Gift Ideas for Her

Each chosen category has a collection of gift ideas that SHE may like (some items men may like also)!. Most have quick delivery times and quantities available when ordered. Others are unique items that may otherwise be hard to find for the average shopper.

Many Categories have multiple selections while others are one-of-a-kind gifts. Several can be imprinted or inscribed for that special person in your life.

So, sit back and get ready to shop for the lady who travels. We have taken the work out of finding travel gift ideas for her!

Best Selling Travel Gifts for Her For 2024

Florida Clothing for HER

Blooming Jelly Cover-Up

things you need when flying

Material: Chiffon, slightly see-through. Lightweight and soft material is suitable for protect your skin under ultraviolet light. Never goes out of style and multiple colors.

Bohemian Embroidered Tops

This floral embroidered tops for women made of soft, breathable, comfy rayon fabric, which is smooth to skin and cool wearing experience in hot summer days.


Levi’s Women’s 501 Original Shorts

Women’s denim shorts that come in various colors and styles. A must-have for that Florida scene. Comes in Plus Sizes too!

Women’s Short or Long Sleeve Cold Shoulder

Perfect for that cruise or stylish beach party or luxury outdoor event. Wear with cool loafers or the flip-flops commonly worn in Florida.

Several colors and pattern options too!

Women’s Two-Piece Outfits

Perfect for that evening summer party in Florida. Long sleeve for that cool night or choose the styles and colors that suit the situation.

Women’s Casual Loose Short Sleeve Long Dress

Color versions – solid color,floral printed and rainbow printed! Each of them are cute and versatile! This summer side split maxi dress has solid and tie dye printed color suit for Casual/Beach/Party/Daily/Office/Formal/Home

Womens Shorts 2023 Comfy Summer Drawstring High Waist Cotton Shorts for Women

Design Points:The solid color Drawstring Lounge Shorts style are specially design for you, Lovely gift for mom, girls, women or birthday present Christmas presents for wife or girlfriend.

Novelty Stocking Stuffers for Her

Socks Asking for Wine

If you can read her warm socks, bring her some wine!

Neck & Shoulder Warmer

Long trip or long day? This neck and shoulder warmer will soothe aching muscles.

Waterproof Ponytail Holders

Eight stylish ponytail holders for thick or thin hair. Several shades.

Small Makeup Bag

Make a statement! You can be a little classy and a little bad a…..

Crave Naturals Detangling Hair Brush

Wind and fun at the beach got your hair a mess. This brush will handle that!

Shower Steamers

Shower Steamers (8 Scents) with Eucalyptus Shower Bombs, Shower Steamers Aromatherapy Shower Bomb.

High Heat Resistant Gloves

No burn silicone gloves. For the oven, camp fire marshmellows or anything hot she has to touch.

Super Absorbent Hair Towel

Dries Hair 50% Faster – Anti-Frizz Hair Drying Towel for Long or Curly Hair.

Items She May Need in Florida and Warm Weather

Swimwear for Her

There are pools, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Find the right style and the right fit. Our favorite style is budget-friendly and relatively versatile. Find your favorites.

Women’s Hiking Footwear

Florida has hiking trails throughout the state. From the Everglades to the Gulf Coast dunes of Cape San Blas. There are many styles to fit any budget or terrain.

How Can You Look Cool in Florida Without a Pair of Shades

If you are heading deep in the Everglades, a hat with a protective screen will keep those “Swamp Angels” off. There are women’s styles too.

Summer Sun Hat for Women

If you are heading deep in the Everglades or the sun and water is hard on your hair, this summer beach hat comes in 14 styles and colors.

Must-Have Flip Flops for HER

Flip Flops are a standard in Florida. Many people wear them everywhere. Some people have one pair for the beach and another pair for “dress”. All styles and sizes are available fast.

Toiletry Bag with TSA Approved Containers for Liquids

This is one of our favorite accessories. Just unfold it in the hotel room and hang it up. Stays organized and easy to refill. Perfect for packing, camping, or a weekend getaway.

Tired of Holding Your Phone on the Plane

Just put it on the back of the seat in front of you. Also folds to sit on desk or table. Comes in various colors and fits easily in your pocket. Fast delivery for this must-have travel accessory.

Carry On Travel Backpack

Extra large approved-size backpack. This backpack includes 4 packing cubes to make your packing simple. This product is suggested for men and women for a carry-on work weekend getaway.

Compact Makeup Mirror with LED Light

For that lady who wants to look her best anywhere. This small compact size mirror has LED lights that make makeup freshening easy even in low-light scenarios.

Travel Manicure Set for Women

Pou it in your purse or suitcase, this 10-piece stainless steel grooming set is perfect for any type of travel. Under $10

Personal Safety Alarm for Women

Travel safely with this one-touch personal alarm. Keep it in your hand when in places where you are uncomfortable. The alarm is loud and there is a bright strope light that can be seen at a distance.

Travel Shoe Bags – Set of Four

Keep your clothes and luggage clean with these protective shoe bags. Shoes can get wet or soiled in bad weather. Place them in the shoe bags when immediate travel is necessary.

Small Jewelry Travel Solution

This travel jewelry box separates and protects those valuables for travel. Just open to display and close when you are ready to travel. Easily stored in your luggage or carry-on.

TSA Approved Clear Travel Case for Toiletries – 2 Pieces!

Get through those pesky TSA lines with clear containers for all your toiletries. Make these see through cases part of your regular travel plan for flying.

Hobo Cross Body Bag PLUS RFID Wristlet

Perfect bag for traveling through busy airports. Plenty of storage for women. The wristlet has RFID protection to keep your credit and debit cards secure from prying scanners.

Double Layer Makeup and Cosmetic Bag for Travel

Keep cosmetics separate from toiletries with the extra layer with a zipper. One bag holds all your necessities.

Must-Have Travel Shawl

Its cold on the plane. Or the car A/C is too cool. Whenever and wherever you need that extra layer to keep comfortable. Stylish multiple colors available.

Must Have Travel Gadgets for Men and Women

Travel Power Strip

USB and standard 3-prong power for the hotel room.

Travel Neck Wallet

Keep that wallet and passport safe with RFID blocking.

Sleep With Music – Bluetooth Connected

We think this is cool! Can’t sleep on a plane? You can now! Men & Women!

Packable Hiking Backpack

Pack it away until you need it. Quick and light backpack for a hike.

Unisex Bora Bora Hat By Columbia

For fishing, hiking, camping and more.

Emergency Radio

Phone charger, light and emergency radio and weather alerts. All in One!

Digital Travel Scale

Save money! The airlines have weight limits! Use this scale to keep from being overweight.

Travel Blanket with Bonus Pillow

Lightweight and easy to store. Great for car emergencies too!

Travel Bottles TSA Approved 3 oz.

Don’t get caught with toiletries over the approved limit in ounces.

Packing Cubes – Pack More with Less

Stylish packing cubes – use what you need for that big trip.

Travel Money Belt

Best seller! Keep your money safe when traveling worldwide use.

Protect Family Travel Documents

Keep all your documents and passports safe with RFID scanner blocking.

Travel Pillow for Plane or Car

Travel pillow that fits for neck. Use in automobile or airplane. Comfortable!

Travel Electronics Plug for 150+ Countries

Got electronic to plug in? Make sure they work around the world.

Phone Charger and Passport Holder

Two in one use for travel passport holder with removable phone charger.

Bladeless Neck Fan

Sta Cool wherever you go with this neck fan for travel and anywhere.

Electronic Organizer for Travel

Tired of unraveling tangled cords? Find them easily with the organizer pouch.

Bose – Best of Class Outdoor Speaker

For travel or home use by the pool or pack for that big trip. Grgreat for camping too!

Best Phone Charger on the Market!

New USB C Iphone – Lightning and Samsung – three ways to charge. You can charge 5 devices same time.

Apple Air Tags 4 Pack

Tired of lost luggage? At least you can find out where it is before the airlines do! You will know if it’s still at the hotel or on the plane or ship. Track it as you board for the whole family.

What Should I Pack for a Trip

travel gift ideas for her

We have the BIG list of things you may want to pack. Don’t forget anything – it could cost big $$ on the road!

When preparing for a trip, there are several essential travel accessories and items that can make your journey more comfortable, organized, and enjoyable.

The specific accessories you need may vary depending on your destination, the type of travel you’re undertaking, and your personal preferences. Here is a list of important travel accessories to consider:

  • Travel Wallet or Organizer**: A travel wallet or organizer helps you keep important documents like passports, tickets, visas, and travel insurance in one place.
  • Luggage and Packing Accessories**:

   **Suitcase or Backpack**: Choose the right luggage type for your trip, whether it’s a suitcase, backpack, or a combination of both.

    **Packing Cubes**: These help keep your clothing and items organized within your luggage.

**Compression Bags**: Useful for saving space when packing.

**Luggage Tags**: Make sure your luggage is easily identifiable with tags.

  • Travel Locks**: TSA Approved Travel Locks provide an added layer of security for your luggage.
  • Travel Adapters and Converters**: These allow you to use your electronic devices in different countries with varying plug types and voltages.
  • Portable Charger and Power Bank**: Keep your devices charged on the go, especially if you’re using a smartphone for navigation and communication. See our travel gift ideas for him above.
  • Travel-Sized Toiletries**: Miniature versions of your toiletries are convenient and save space. TSA limits the size of liquids you can carry.
  • Travel-Sized First Aid Kit**: It’s a good idea to have basic medical supplies on hand for minor injuries or illnesses.
  • Reusable Water Bottle**: A reusable bottle helps you stay hydrated and reduces plastic waste.
  • Travel Towel**: A compact and quick-drying towel is useful, especially for backpackers.
  • Travel Pillow and Blanket**: These are great for comfort during long flights or bus journeys.
  • Earplugs and Eye Mask**: Block out noise and light for better sleep during transit or in noisy accommodations.
  • Travel Insurance**: Ensure you have adequate travel insurance to cover unexpected events like trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost luggage.
  • Travel-Sized Laundry Detergent**: If you plan on doing laundry while traveling, this can be handy and save some money and time on your trip.
  • Travel-Friendly Clothing**: Quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant, and moisture-wicking clothing can be very useful for various climates and activities. Plan on the weather at the destination. The Everglades in Florida are much different that a beach in the panhandle.
  • Travel-Friendly Footwear**: Comfortable, versatile shoes suitable for walking and different terrains. The terrain of your day trips in Florida must be considered for footwear.
  • Travel-Size Umbrella**: Be prepared for unexpected rain.
  • Travel Guides and Maps**: Physical or digital guides and maps for your destination are useful for navigation and information.
  • Reusable Shopping Bags**: These can be handy for carrying items or groceries and are eco-friendly.
  • Travel-Size Sewing Kit**: Useful for minor clothing repairs.
  • Travel-Sized Tech Gadgets**: Depending on your needs, you may want items like noise-canceling headphones, e-readers, or portable Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Travel Documents and Copies**: Have physical and digital copies of important documents like itineraries, reservations, and emergency contacts.
  • Travel-Sized Insect Repellent and Sunscreen**: Protection against bugs and sunburn is essential in many destinations.
  • Travel Insurance and Health Information**: Carry your insurance policy and important health information in case of emergencies.
  • Travel-Friendly Credit Card and Currency**: Consider credit cards with no foreign transaction fees and a small amount of local currency for emergencies.
  • Entertainment and Reading Material**: Books, magazines, or digital devices for entertainment during travel downtime. See our travel gift ideas above for entertainment.
  • Personal Medications**: Carry any necessary medications and a copy of your prescription.


Your choice of travel accessories will depend on your personal needs and the specific requirements of your trip. It’s a good practice to make a checklist to ensure you don’t forget any important items, and always adapt your packing list to the type of travel and destination you’re heading to.

Check our Travel Gift Ideas for Her Often

Gift ideas are constantly evolving. New items are added and some items become obsolete. Florida Travel Blog tries to maintain the lastest information and styles.

Whether it be Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or that occaision you want to make special, we have the travel gift ideas for her.

Idea! Next time you are planning a trip for her, buy a little travel gift to announce the destination. You can also check out our Hidden Romantic Getaways here.

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