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Unique Places to Visit in Florida in 2023

smallest post office in the world
Smallest Post Office in the world.

Unusual Places to Visit in Florida

With over 8,400 miles of coastline and 65,000 square miles of land, you know there must be some unique places to visit in Florida!

Florida Travel Blog hasn’t visited every square mile of Florida, but we think we have a few unusual places to visit in Florida, if not strange locations that are fun, different and unique places to visit in Florida. Below are some of our choices for your Florida vacation or just a weekend road trip.

The Tamiami Trail from Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk to Tippy’s Outpost

Including the Skunkape Headquarters
Unique places in Florida to visit
SkunkApe Headquarters in the Everglades

We are sure you know precisely where the description above is, but we will give you some directions. This section of the Tamiami Trail (Rt. 41) starts about 20 miles east of Naples and ends some 50 miles later.

In this stretch are some pretty unique places to visit in Florida like;

Along this section of road, you will encounter plenty of alligators, birds and other swamp creatures. The is NOT a place to go for a Sunday drive if you are low on gasoline, looking for a fancy restaurant, or some 5-star resort hotel. This IS the Everglades and it is as rustic as it gets!


 Fort Jefferson – Dry Tortugas – Seaplane Adventure

Seaplanes at Fort Jefferson, unique places to visit in Florida to visit by seaplane
Seaplanes at Fort Jefferson as they drop off passengers.

70 miles west of Key West is truly a unique place in Florida to visit and an island adventure. In the mid-1800s the United States built a prison on an island in the Dry Tortugas. It was a marvel of red brick construction. 

Named Fort Jefferson originally, it was converted from a fortress into a prison to hold Confederate prisoners of the Civil War. Even Dr. Mudd, the infamous doctor who treated President Lincoln’s assassins, was there!

It is a must-see for those who want to see the beautiful Tortugas and this historical island. There are ferry boats from the Keys, but the best way to see Fort Jefferson is by seaplane. This is an unusual place to visit in Florida with an unusual way to get there!

What will you see at Fort Jefferson and the Dry Tortugas?

  • A building marvel of 16 million red bricks started in 1846.
  • The prison and life there during the Civil War.
  • A beautiful cluster of islands, the Dry Tortugas, around Fort Jefferson is seen from the air.
  • Bring your bathing suit – some great places to snorkel around the island.


Cabbage Key and the Cheeseburger in Paradise Rumor

Cabbage Key Inn on the island, unique places in Florida to visit
Cabbage Key Inn by ferry boat only.

Do you like unique places in Florida to visit? How about an island-hopping ferry ride to a small island that supposedly serves up the best cheeseburger in Florida.

Then a stroll around the barrier island? That is the agenda for Cabbage Key and the Cabbage Key Inn. Cabbage Key is in Pine Island Sound north of Sanibel and Captiva Islands.

What will you do and see on the island of Cabbage Key?

  • Ride on an open ferry to the island.
  • Walk around this rustic barrier island.
  • Have lunch at the famous Cabbage Key Inn on the island. Some say Jimmy Buffet wrote his famous song here (we don’t think so!).
  • The ferry ride will stop at other barrier islands during your trip.


Amelia Island – Once Owned by 4 Different Countries Plus Native Americans

The "Election" of a Pirate, Amelia Island is one of the unique places to visit in Florida
The “Election” of a Pirate, Amelia Island.

Amelia Island is one of the larger islands in Florida. Located north of Jacksonville, the island is one of our favorite road trips while in the northeastern part of Florida. The town of Fernandina Beach is fun and the eastern shore of Amelia Island is covered with resorts along the Atlantic Ocean.

What is there to see on Amelia Island?

  • See Fort Clinch and how the fort protected the area.
  • See why the French, Spanish, English, and the United States fought over this prized island.
  • Visit the oldest operating bar in Florida, The Palace Saloon.
  • Fernandina Beach is the place to go for some unique shops and restaurants.
  • Even a pirate, Luis Aury,  owned the island at one time! The United States took it away.


Devil’s Den – Seeing or Diving the Pre-historic Underground River

Devil's Den stairway - another one of the best unique places to visit in Florida.
Diver’s stairway and briefing platform at Devil’s Den.
This unique place to visit in Florida is in Williston, Florida just a few miles southwest of Gainesville. The name Devil’s Den describes the eerie cave that precedes an underground river. The fact you go down into a dark hole in the ground is spooky enough for us to be an unusual place in Florida to visit.

What is at Devil’s Den?

  • You will descend a stairway into a dark hole in the ground.
  • You will see a monstrous cave that opens up just under the surface.
  • If you are so inclined, you can dive into the deep underground river.
  • The area has a lake filled with fish and picnic areas. Great family fun in this private park.

The Williston, Florida area is a hotbed of archeological finds, with The Devil’s Den representing a pre-historic location of some repute. 


More Unusual Places to Visit in Florida

Florida has a lot of unusual places to visit from remote islands to above-ground cemeteries and ghostly hotels. We will keep adding to our list. In the meantime here are some more unique places to visit in Florida.

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