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You found the Florida Travel Blog. The most comprehensive guide to the best places in Florida to visit. Florida vacation travel starts here. From destinations like Key West to Destin in the far reaches of Florida’s panhandle, we have traveled there! North, south, east or west Florida, we still find new destinations. As residents of a coastal beach city, we still travel Florida 10 months of the year. Enjoy our trips in Florida!

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Popular Travel Blog Links and Related Sites At Florida Travel Blog, we know our readers travel from other countries and to other destinations beyond Florida. Many times we have written articles for other blogs about Florida travel. Some of those … Read more

Florida’s 15 Best Dive Bars (so far!)

Best dive bars in Florida

Florida’s 15 Best Dive Bars It’s hard to find a good dive bar anymore! We have Florida’s 15 best dive bars we have found so far. It seems a combination of regulations, owners selling out and covid-19 has created havoc … Read more

Covid-19 Update 5-7-2020

Covid-19 New Cases 5-7-2020

Cases Continue – But At Lower Daily Rate While there continues to be a dozen or less cases found daily in Pinellas County, there should be a discussion about testing. Serious testing started in Florida in early April. In Pinellas … Read more

Florida Cases Covid-19 5-19-2020

Pinellas County Cases Spike
Nursing Homes are Problematic Some nursing homes and long term care facilities continue to be a problem in this county. Recent new cases are the result of outbreaks and problems (see more here). In fact, 31 of the 63 deaths in Pinellas County have come from one nursing facility in Seminole!

Florida Covid-19 Update 6-24-2020

Florida Covid-19 Update 6-24-2020

Spike in New Cases Unsettling – But Expected Florida cases of covid-19 have spiked to levels equal to the March peaks. The last couple of days have seen over 1700 cases per day. It is unsettling, but predicted by many medical researchers.

Covid-19 Update Florida 6-24-2020

FLORIDA SETS RECORD FOR SINGLE DAY NEW CASES (5500+) – DEATH RATE GOES DOWN  While deaths from the coronavirus fall to the lowest levels in months, new cases set records! Clearly there seems to be more people in the 25-45 … Read more

Florida Covid-19 Update 7-31-2020

With Over 8600 Case Yesterday Nothing to Celebrate – Trend Is Best in Several Weeks The pandemic in Florida continues, but just maybe there is a developing trend for the last six days that is downward. Certainly nothing to celebrate, but let’s hope its the beginning of something positive. Note that deaths in Florida continue to decline.