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Antique Capital of Florida – Arcadia, Florida

day trip from Tampa arcadia - antique capital of Florida

We have seen claims from many small towns about being the largest, the best, the most, etc., but Arcadia lives up to the hype about being the antique capital of Florida.

Florida History Timeline 1513 – 2022

history of Florida timeline 1513-2022 state Florida flag

Florida History Timeline 1513-2022 1513 – On April 2, 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon landed near Melbourne Beach. Although he thought he was on an Island, he named the new land La Florida (meaning pretty to behold) and claimed the … Read more

History of Florida Hurricanes Since 1559 -10 Worst

List of worst hurricanes to hit Florida

History of Florida Hurricanes in Chronological Order Florida has a tropical climate that has led to an active history of Florida hurricanes. Certain weather phenomena have an impact on the number and intensity of Florida hurricane history. The list of … Read more

First Christmas in America May Have Been in Florida

The first Christmas in America with Hernando de Soto

First Christmas in America? May Have Been in Florida The first Christmas in America was most likely held near Tallahassee, Florida in 1539. In that year Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto landed near Bradenton, Florida. Hernando de Soto traveled with … Read more

World Equestrian Center

World Equestrian Center must see Florida attraction

World Equestrian Center A Must Visit Florida Attraction Have you heard the phrase “hidden in plain sight”? The World Equestrian Center is a must see Florida attraction we somehow missed on our many Florida travels. How do you not hear … Read more

5 Hidden Romantic Getaways in Florida

Keys hidden romantic getaways in Florida

Hidden Romantic Getaways in Florida for Couples The operational words are “Hidden” and “Romantic”. Our Hidden Romantic Getaways in Florida are focused on those two words. If you are looking for someplace to share with 10,000 other people, try Clearwater … Read more

The Best Food in Key West with The Best Restaurants in Key West

Best Restaurants and Food in Key West

Key West is known for it’s Bars! Most bars aren’t known for their food. Sloppy Joe’s is a slight exception, since they serve Key West pink shrimp. These shrimp are only found in certain deep waters around the Keys. The pinks have a mild, sweet flavor and a pink shell. Once you have tried them, you will know the flavor. Many restaurants serve Key West pinks, but ask to be certain. I consider a restaurant’s choice to serve an exceptional shrimp a positive for their willingness to spend a little extra for a special product.

First Thanksgiving Was in Florida?

first Thanksgiving was in Florida

Was the First Thanksgiving in Florida? Just to add to all the historical confusion and speculation, there are a substantial number of historians who suggest the first “Thanksgiving” was in Florida on American soil. The feast was actually 55 years … Read more