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Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables

A Grand Old Dame South of Miami

Biltmore Hotel Cascade Restaurant by pool
Biltmore Cascade Restaurant by Pool

There is a multitude of hotels in and around Miami, Florida. Many are new and shiny with popular amenities. Just south of Miami is a historic luxury hotel named the Biltmore. Located in Coral Gables, Florida, the Biltmore was built in 1926 by developers who wanted to take advantage of the Florida land boom and offer a great hotel to their potential buyers. Today the Biltmore Hotel is our favorite for historical content, amenities and luxury.

The hall and lobby are lined with paintings and furnishings that are almost one hundred years old. People we only read about in history classes spent a lot of time at the Biltmore. Names like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Franklin Roosevelt, Frank Sinatra and Al Capone adorn their guest list. As you wander the hotel you can’t help thinking of an era gone by.

Amenities at Biltmore

Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables
The Biltmore Hotel is the Grand Dame of Miami hotels.

While historic, don’t take the amenities for granted. The pool is a sight to see! Not only does it cover almost a half acre, but the Cascade restaurant next to the pool serves exceptional Mediterranean food. The 19th Hole on the hotel property is a favorite for casual dining prior to playing Baltimore’s championship golf course. The 19th Hole is a great place to watch sports in the evenings and on weekends. Of course, there are several other dining options for superb white tablecloth service.

The town of Coral Gables is loaded with upscale shops and wonderful restaurants. You can enjoy Biltmore’s world-class spa after a long day on the golf course or shopping.

Located a few blocks off the freeway makes access easy and avoids the traffic in Miami. Visit this grand old dame soon.,

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