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Most Popular Florida Vacation Destinations – Where to Go For a Florida Day Trip Where is your destination in Florida? Beaches? Theme Park? Hotel? City? Island? Resort? As you can see, travel in Florida can be confusing, complicated and expensive if you don’t know how when or where to go in Florida. Florida Travel Blog

The Villages Florida

The Villages 2022 – fastest growing community in Florida

The Villages have three main squares that are the center of activity and entertainment. The oldest square is Spanish Springs located in the north. The largest square is probably Lake Sumter Landing located on, you guessed it, Lake Sumter! Brownwood Square is the newest, but fastest growing of the three located on State Route 44 in the southern part of the Villages. And, not yet completed is the newest region south of Rt. 44 (Fenney and The Village of Southern Oaks are two developments started) which eventually will contain a fourth town square.

Map - St. George Island

St. George Island, Florida

St. George Island is a 26 mile long strip of land no more than about a mile in width at the widest point. In the middle of the island, homes are scattered along a two mile strip for a few residents, restaurants and seasonal stores. There is the historic St. George Lighthouse that was a beacon for mariners

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