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15 Unique Facts Before Travel to Destin Florida

Guide for Travel To Destin Florida

The Gulf-front community of Destin Florida is well known for stunning beaches, record breaking fishing, fresh off the boat seafood and picture perfect views. What people need to know are the facts that make travel to Destin Florida memorable.

Below is Florida Travel Blog’s guide to some of the most asked questions on about Destin, Florida.


When is the best time to go to Destin Florida?

The best time to go to Destin is when your target activity is seasonally in full force. For instance, if your goal is to spend warm sunny days on the beach, then May through September are the peak times. If world-class fishing is on your mind, do some research on the best time of year for the species you want to target.

Overall, there is no bad time to travel to Destin, Florida. Year-round activities are plentiful. Temperatures average from highs of 62 degrees in January to 90 degrees in August. The best month to visit Destin based on visitor numbers would be June, July or August.

travel to Destin Florida and The Emerald Grande
The Emerald Grande Hotel is the large building at the beginning of Harborwalk Village in Destin, Florida.

Where is Destin Florida?

Destin is in the panhandle of Florida. The panhandle is generally considered to be the counties along the most northern parts of the Gulf of Mexico. The map of the Destin area is at the bottom of the post.

What city is Destin, Florida near?

Destin is near Panama City, Florida 55 miles to the east and near Pensacola, Florida 50 miles to the west – both are also Gulf front.

Destin, Florida is about 115 miles from Mobile, Alabama. Destin is 160 miles west of Tallahassee, Florida and about 800 miles from Key West, Florida, the southernmost point of Florida.

Can you fly into Destin, Florida?

Destin has an executive airport (DTS) nearby suitable for small jets and chartered planes. However, 16 miles away near Fort Walton Beach, Florida is Fort Walton Beach Airport (VPS). Several major airlines have scheduled flights into VPS including Delta, Spirit and American airlines.

Most people who travel to Destin, Florida by plane fly into VPS. Pensacola and Panama City airports are also available.

Can you drive to Destin Florida easily?

The drive to Destin, Florida can be quite fun and interesting. For speed, I-10, the interstate highway running east to west through Florida, is just 35 miles north of Destin. While the instate is quick, the most fun and exciting drive would be US Rt. 98 that runs along the northern Gulf coast.

US Rt. 98 hugs the coastline and offers a variety of different Florida features and cultures. From the fishermen of the coasts to the woodsmen in the dense forests of north Florida. Rt. 98 travels through both.

If you want of the most beautiful beach highways to Destin, take Rt. 30A.

things you need when flying
travel to Destin Florida Harborwalk
Harborwalk Village is a place to shop, eat and have fun. You can easily spend a day roaming the docks and shops.

What is there to do in Destin Florida?

The things to do in Destin Florida cover a wide range of activities due to the unique waterfront location. The list of things to do in Destin includes;

The things to do in Destin Florida are unlimited in adventure and fun.

What time is it in Destin?

Destin is in the Central Time Zone while most of Florida is in the Eastern Time Zone. That means Destin, Florida is one hour behind most of Florida.

Where does the time zone change in Florida?

The time zone in Florida changes along the Apalachicola River. The Apalachicola also is a boundary between three counties east and three counties west of the river. The river flows from its formation in Georgia south into the Gulf of Mexico.

How can I find out where to fish in Destin Florida?

Destin is known for world-class fishing, but finding the exact locations in the Gulf can be challenging. Many places that sell fishing gear also sell maps that show reefs, wrecks and popular fishing spots. However, for the best results for your fishing experience is chartering a boat and captain to take you to the fish and furnish all the right gear.

What is Harborwalk in Destin, Florida?

Harborwalk Village is a ¼ mile-long boardwalk along Destin Harbor. You can access Harborwalk off Rt. 98 at many locations prior to the bay bridge. The Harborwalk is home to many restaurants, bars, shops, charter fishing boats, tour boats and water activities.

Harborwalk is a must-do in Destin Florida. It’s fun and gives you a great perspective of what Destin, Florida is known for.

Travel to Destin Florida crab island
This patch of sandy shallow water is what locals call Crab Island. It’s a busy place with anything that floats!

What is Crab Island in Destin Florida?

Crab Island may be the most famous non-island in all of Florida. Crab Island is not only famous for boaters, kayakers, jet ski owners and tour operators all over the north Florida area, but gets press from all the major news channels.

Calling Crab Island an “island” is very generous. The area is actually a shallow acre size sandy area that boats, boaters and anything else that floats congregates for fun and waterside entertainment. On the weekends there can be hundreds, if not thousands, of people wading around Crab Island looking for the next party in the water!

travel to Destin Florida beaches
Travelers in Destin can find 13 beaches with scenes like this. Families can find a beach suitable for all ages.

How big is Destin, Florida?

Destin is a community of about 14,000 people on a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and Choctawhatchee Bay.

What is the weather in Destin, Florida?

The weather is Destin is moderately warm year-round. Even in the winter (January) the average low temperature is about 47 degrees and the average high temperature is 63 degrees. Summertime (July-August) average high is 90 degrees and the average low is about 75.5 degrees. The temperature can drop below freezing in the winter but rarely does.

What are the best restaurants in Destin Florida?

There are hundreds of restaurants in the area. The best restaurants in Destin Florida are;

These are a few of our thoughts on the best restaurants in Destin, Florida. Here are some more famous Destin restaurants – Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, McGuire’s Irish Pub and Vinny McGuire’s Pizza.

Where to stay in Destin Florida?

The place to stay in Destin Florida is the Emerald Grande at Harborwalk Village. This hotel is more like a huge resort overlooking the bay, harbor and Harborwalk Village. The problem is that the Emerald is expensive, hard to book and almost too popular!

Other alternatives include –

Hotels and places to stay vary in price depending on seasonal availability. Destin can get very busy. Reservations are a must.

travel to Destin harbor for water activities
Destin Harbor can be a busy place with fishermen, tour boats, jet skis, and sailboaters all sharing the waterway leading to the Gulf.

Your Travel to Destin, Florida

As you can see, Destin, Florida is one of the top ten places for a family to enjoy Florida. You will find a beach that is safe and picturesque. Attractions include quaint shops, family-friendly tours, fresh seafood, novelty rides like zip-lines, and kid-approved things to do on Harborwalk.

Your guide for travel to Destin Florida is here.

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