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Category: Best Bars and Restaurants in Florida

    Day Trips from Lakeland, Florida

    Fun Day Trips from Lakeland, Florida Taking a day trip from Lakeland is easy. The expressway system is perfect for getting around the state quick. In under two hours you can visit some of Florida's

    Jupiter, Florida – Florida’s East Coast Hall of Fame

    Jupiter, Florida - Florida's East Coast Hall of Fame Not many cities can boast the number of celebrities residing or hailing from their town. Jupiter has more than their share! Check out these well know

    The Villages 2022 – fastest growing community in Florida

    A Welcoming Day Trip in Florida If you have been to The Villages, you know why thousands of people made the right choice to retire or move to the friendliest community in America. The impeccably

    Just One Day – Key West

    Just One Day in Key West - Best Things To Do Another in our series of "Just One Day" destinations in Florida. The best things to do in Key West are here. After about 40

    Just One Day – St. Augustine

    Just One Day in St. Augustine Another location in Florida Travel Blog's One Day Series. This time highlighting things to do in St. Augustine, Florida. You may be on a cruise. You could just be

    Just One Day Series – Clearwater Beach

    Just One Day...... What do we do? Ever hopped off a cruise ship with just one day to spend? Or, traveling through town and have to leave the next day? Perhaps you just want to

    Ten Historic Florida Restaurants

    Ten Historic Florida Restaurants Traveling Florida is like opening a history book. No state has more storied origination than Florida. At various times the Spanish, British and French inhabited and claimed parts of Florida. Those

    The Best of Clearwater Beach

    The Best of the Best on Clearwater Beach Ok, we may be a little prejudiced…. we live here! On the other hand, we might be able to offer some insight only locals would know. So

    Mount Dora – Someplace Special

    Mount Dora, Florida - A Road Trip Worth Taking When you see a place starting with the name “Mount”, you immediately think of places like Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Rainier. These famous “mounts”

    Ten Best Florida Beach Bar Foods

    Florida Beach Bar Food The 10 Best For most of us, just traveling to a beach is excitement enough.  But if you can make some memories by munching on some exceptional food, your trip has

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