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Some of the Most Popular Florida Destinations - Where to Go in Florida

What are the most popular destinations in Florida? Beaches? Theme Park? Hotel? City? Islands? Resort?

As you can see, travel in Florida can be confusing, complicated, and expensive if you don’t know how, when or where to go in Florida. Florida Travel Blog has over 160 ideas about travel to beaches, cities, attractions, hotels and resorts. We will keep adding the most popular Florida destinations as we travel throughout Florida.

13 best tiki bars in Florida

13 Best Tiki Bars in Florida

Best Tiki Bars in Florida The Best Tiki Bars in Florida post took many grueling hours of research. After years of travel to god-forsaken beaches, Florida islands, resorts, and painstaking sampling,

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the everglades one of the most popular Florida destinations
The Everglades are one of the most beautiful destinations in Florida.

What are the best places to visit in Florida for couples?

The best places in Florida to visit for couples is a long list. Are you looking for some hidden romantic getaways? Just want to enjoy the best beaches in Florida? Are you history buffs looking for the best historical sites in Florida?

Couples in Florida come here for different reasons. Some couples want relaxation and others want privacy. Others may choose the limelights of Miami Beach or the attractions at Disney World. Even more want to explore the Florida Keys and Key West.

As you can see the best places in Florida to visit for couples can take a lot of research and planning. Remember, Florida is one of the largest states in the union. We always give the example that traveling from Key West to Pensacola, Florida is the same distance as traveling from Pensacola to Chicago!

The Most Popular Florida Destinations are Difficult to Choose

The most popular destinations in Florida are difficult to narrow down to just a few. Families may have their favorite destinations in Florida and young adults may have different ones. We keep adding more of the most popular destinations in Florida quite frequently. Sign up for Florida Travel Blog to keep up to date.

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