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2024 Most Popular Florida Destinations in Paradise

Where to Go in Florida

What are the most popular destinations in Florida? Beaches? Theme Parks? Hotel? City? Islands? Resort? Or is it a combination of Florida destinations?

As you can see, finding where to go in Florida can be confusing, complicated, and expensive if you don’t know how, when or where to go in Florida.

Florida Travel Blog has over 160 ideas about travel to beaches, cities, attractions, hotels and resorts. We will keep adding the most popular Florida destinations as we travel throughout Florida.

If you are preparing to travel Florida, you are most likely a tourist, resident or business person. Each traveler will have different goals, needs and thoughts about his or her destination and how to get there.

Tourist Destinations

most popular Florida destinations Disney World
The most visited attraction in Florida is Disney World. But there are more popular places to visit in Florida beyond theme parks.

Visitors to Florida are vacationing or curiously wandering the state looking for the best Florida destinations for whatever their goal or interest may be.

Each traveler has different goals or needs when figuring out where to go in Florida. Goals include:

These and other goals require some research and planning. 

Tourists and travelers also may have some needs and requirements like:

  • Family Considerations
  • Health Requirements
  • Time Allotments
  • Limited Transportation

Combine the goals with the needs and you have to plan to get the best combination. That is where Florida Travel Blog comes in.

Business Travel

Business people have a different set of goals and needs. A person traveling for business often looks for expediency, cost-effectiveness, few diversions and quickly accomplishing their tasks.

In many cases, planning a trip is a necessity to assure accomplishing the goals of a business trip. Business people want hotels and restaurants that are clean, close and reasonable.

The Wandering Resident

Of all the travelers, residents are the most difficult to satisfy when deciding where to go in Florida. Generally, the most popular Florida destinations are not what these nomads are contemplating because they have already been there!

things you need when flying

Residents are looking for road trips in Florida and short day trips in Florida. These Florida destinations must be unique and have the amenities the visitor wants.

We find that residents are more likely to;

  • Visit historical destinations.
  • Find new places.
  • Visit smaller towns.
  • Head to north Florida in summer months.

Some residents are very discernable when it comes to the flashy ads and promotions often used by Florida resorts and attractions.

So, What are the Most Popular Florida Destinations

If nothing else, we hope we have explained that answering the question of where to go in Florida can be complex. The factors outlined above change the definition of “most popular”. Most popular to whom?

If you look only at numbers, we could say the most popular Florida destinations are the busiest airports:

  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Tampa
  • Fort Myers

Numbers don’t tell the whole story. For example, no one disputes that Disney World is most visited attraction in Florida. Is Orlando, the city, the destination, or is Disney World, the attraction the destination? Our bet is on Disney with over 50 million visitors per year.

On the other hand, the little island of Key West only gets a tenth of the airline traffic as Miami, but those visitors are visiting a (2-mile by 4-mile) 8 square-mile island. Miami has 1,279 square miles in the metropolitan area.

If you do the numbers, there are a lot of people visiting Key West’s little patch of land!

To further complicate the discussion of the most popular Florida destinations is the fact that Universal Studios, with 20,000 visitors a day, gets more visitors than one of the most popular beaches in Florida named Siesta Key Beach. So which is more popular if you are a beachgoer?

Florida also has undefined destinations that you have to consider in the most popular Florida destinations discussion. For instance, the Florida Everglades cannot be considered a singular attraction.

With millions of acres and dozens of parks, visitors flock to this ecological wonder. Alligator Alley alone has 22,500 vehicles crossing the Everglades daily.

Only a subjective evaluation of who the traveler is and what their goals and needs are will determine where to go in Florida and what is most popular.

Most Popular Florida Destinations Minus Theme Parks

The destinations below are road trips in Florida that we have documented. Most are places that we recommend based on our travels. You won’t find the theme parks like Disney World, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens. We know and you know those are popular!

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More Popular Florida Destinations

Deciding where to go in Florida is diverse for people not interested in theme parks. Couples, residents, business travelers, vacationers and other visitors look for destinations all over Florida. 

We explore some of the different destinations.

What are the best places to visit in Florida for couples?

most popular florida destinations - where to go in florida romantic sunset
A romantic sunset in the Florida Keys can’t be beat!

The best places in Florida to visit for couples is a long list. Are you looking for some hidden romantic getaways? Just want to enjoy the best beaches in Florida? Are you history buffs looking for the best historical sites in Florida?

Despite all the other options, the most sought after in formation is the destinations for 10 romantic getaways for couples.

Couples who visit Florida come here for different reasons. Some couples want relaxation and others want privacy. Others may choose the bright lights of Miami Beach or the attractions at Disney World. Even more want to explore the Florida Keys and Key West.

As you can see the best places in Florida to visit for couples can take a lot of research and planning. 

Remember, Florida is one of the largest states in the union. We always give the example that traveling from Key West to Pensacola, Florida is the same distance as traveling from Pensacola to Chicago!

Most Popular Destinations for Wandering Residents - Road Trips

At Florida Travel Blog, we fall into this category of people who search the 67 counties in Florida for one-of-a-kind attractions in Florida. That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the most popular attractions in Florida, but residents have the time to explore and uncover those little gems we document.

The most popular destinations for residents are generally road trips in Florida. Trips that can be a few hours or a few days.

Residents aren’t the only ones that like road trips. Many “snow birds”, people who winter in Florida, take short trips during their stay.

Road trips are also popular with vacationers. It’s great to stay at a nice resort on vacation. However, we find that many people want to see more of Florida. They head out on road trips for a change of scenery for a few hours or more.

The Most Popular Florida Destinations are Difficult to Choose

The most popular destinations in Florida are difficult to narrow down to just a few. Families may have their favorite destinations in Florida and young adults may have different ones. We keep adding more of the most popular destinations in Florida quite frequently. Sign up for Florida Travel Blog to keep up to date.

Try some of these popular Florida destinations –

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